39 Types of Benches and Trends

Last updated on May 22, 2024

This is the ultimate guide to the world of benches. It includes 39 types of benches for you to choose from and find the best choice for any room or outdoors.

The humble bench has 39 different types. Perhaps even more (we’re only covering trending styles). Who would have known? But when you think about it, such a versatile piece of furniture is bound to have many different styles, designs, and variations. These differ by use, function, and looks.

Making a full list of all types of benches is a fun task. We hope you will enjoy the fruit of our labor. This is very useful too as you can find all of the choices in one place. So whether you’re looking for extra seating, storage, or decor accent, you will find the right bench for it.

Just to be clear, as there is more than one thing called a bench, we are talking about

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Modern Bench

modern bench

The modern style has the notion of good clean lines and utility fused with beauty. These pieces can fit into any contemporary space or stand out in a more traditional setting. Popular design styles are acrylic frames, faux fur, but also natural wood and geometric shapes.

Traditional Bench

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The traditional storage bench is a timeless and classic style. This is usually an upholstered wooden bench with balustrade legs, backs, and carved details.

Outdoor Bench

best outdoor bench

Any bench that can withstand the weather to be positioned outside in the backyard or garden is an outdoor bench. These are usually made of durable materials like solid wood, metal, concrete, or resin.

Bedroom Bench

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A stylish and comfortable bench is beneficial in any bedroom to accommodate storage needs or for additional seating when you want more people in the room. A backless bench or wide ottoman with a cushioned top has positive effects in your bedroom, like putting it at the foot of your bed for convenience and visual appeal.

Entryway Bench

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Most homes need a bench in a convenient place by the front door to store clothes or shoes. An entranceway is an appropriate location for the typical wooden bench with different storage options, and wood is best because it lasts longer than anything else. A popular way to maximize the entryway space is a bench that has a built-in coat rack (as shown above).

Kitchen Bench

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Dining areas should have a more soft and natural feel. Benches can serve as seats at the dinner table, so models with upholstered seating are the best option.

Bathroom Bench

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A bench built to be placed near a bathroom or shower. It is usually near handicapped people and the bathroom doesn’t have anywhere else for them to rest.

Patio Bench

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There are many different types of benches for patios. Specific ones to try are the storage bench, wicker and plastic types as they are popular.

Wood Bench

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The only good furniture material for a bench in the bedroom is either wood or metal. Wood offers traditional and enduring styles that can’t be beat while metal performance is reliable and institutional-oriented.

Metal Bench

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Metal storage benches are less common than wood, although they are still found in various styles. Some models, such as this one, have been specifically built for use in garages or workshops. Different types of metals are usually used, such as stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron. Due to the durable nature of the material, these benches are usually used outside.

Wicker Bench

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Some people like to use wicker for benches. They are often combined with plush cushioning or other materials and can be made resistant to the weather.

Plastic Bench

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The plastic bench is a great outdoor item which provides a place to sit and keep cushions dry. It is lightweight, weatherproof, and perfect for any type of person.

Leather Bench

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Leather benches are most commonly found in entryways, bedrooms, or living rooms. The bench has luxury and utility.

Ottoman Bench

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An ottoman bench should always have a lid. It might be tempting to get a storage bench without a lid, but it is not worth the risk. The exclusive use of one hinged panel with one open end assures that you will not mistake it for an armchair and sit in an open-sided storage container.

Cubby Bench

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A cubby storage type features an open front, with individual square or rectangular spaces to fit your belongings. Our example here stands in a family room with various useful items stored in its three cubbies.

Drawer Bench

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Bench designed with drawer features a solid frame and pull-out storage that stays concealed when not in use. The bench does not offer the same interior space as a flip-top but does provide access without disturbing anything or anyone sitting on the bench.

Shoe Rack Bench

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What are some other purposes of a bench in the entryway? The shoe storage bench is a design when shoe size cubbies or shelves are organized on the front of the bench so it can fit entryways.

Cabinet Bench

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The bench provides cabinet storage on the surface in a cubby style but it has cupboard doors to allow for the items to be hidden.

Cottage Bench

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Benches can offer a warm, inviting tone along with any utility. Cottage style has a rustic look and features a timeworn appeal. Furniture that follows cottage or country style offers a natural look portrayed as rustic (rusty). They have aged-looking appeal/characteristics of something ancient and pastoral(countryside).

Industrial Bench

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Industrial style is a style which is created to shape the look of a floor in a factory. This style can either stand out in a traditional or cottage style home, but they will blending in with shop or garage setting.

Farmhouse Bench

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Farmhouse style benches are popular these days. They feature a raw weathered look but intricate balustrade legs and other detail. The style combines rustic sentimental appeal with classy shapes.

Accent Bench

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A bench, mainly used as a decorative piece, can come in multiple shapes, sizes and upholsteries. If you are looking for pieces to fill blank wall space of the floor space, this could be an easy solution. It also adds character to your surroundings by reinforcing your style.

Lounge Bench

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Use a lounge bench in place of a couch if you need some additional seating space, or as an alternative to a chaise lounge chair. They can often be contracted or expanded as needed and are different than couches because they are lighter and take up less space.

Vanity Bench

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A vanity bench is a small bench generally found in a bathroom, but can be used in bedrooms. Vanity benches are built for just one person to sit on and usually butt right up against the table holding the mirrors in your bathroom.

Wooden Garden Bench

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Bench seats are great choices for garden furnishings. Wooden benches are the most natural and well designed furniture selection to dress up any garden. Pieces can be made out of lumber that has a consistent grain and these pieces need to be screwed together with stainless steel or zinc screws. The bench should either have these metal attachments or be sturdy enough that you can replace them as needed without damaging the benches themselves.

Popular types of wood for a garden bench include pine, cedar, teak, oak, etc.

Potting Bench

best potting bench

Potting benches aren’t used for seating but rather garden storage and gardening tasks (such as potting plants).

Metal Garden Bench

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Metal Garden Benches are often exposed to harsh weather conditions and they require a more expensive cleaning process. Before purchasing a bench for your garden an adjustment in the decor of the outside area may be needed.

Rattan Garden Bench

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Rattan garden benches are good for outdoors. They’re easy to clean, light-weight, weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protective. They are also comfortable and versatile. Rattan garden benches make your entrance look nice and attractive which enhances the look of your garden.

Plastic Garden Bench

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Plastic garden benches are great. They’re durable, affordable and some of them are even attractive looking. As costs vary depending on the design of the bench so does their durability. The biggest pro for plastic garden benches is that they are lightweight to move around.

Concrete Garden Bench

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Concrete garden benches are a durable product, and will make your garden look nicer. A custom-made concrete bench for someone’s garden would be an incredible way to enhance the meaning of it in any way you want.

Straight Garden Bench

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A straightforward but beautiful wooden bench is practical and goes well in any garden. A wide variety of these benches is available to provide a perfect fit. These can also include lovely features such as flower planters for an enhanced look.

Curved Garden Bench

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A bench is an intimate accessory for your garden. Sometimes there will be two types of benches. One type has curved armrests and a curved backrest. The other type is just curved in the back with straight armrests.

Lutyens Garden Bench

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First of all, Sir Edwin Lutyens is the architect who came up with this design. It is only available in small sizes and looks very exquisite when placed in a garden. They are available in beautiful color schemes and add style, elegance, and beauty to the garden when they are placed there.

Backless Garden Bench

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Backless garden benches are an excellent decorative item. They can be put anywhere in the Garden and are approachable on all sides. The best part is, they can also serve as furniture for entertaining at a dinner party if they do not have a backrest.

Tree Garden Bench

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Sitting under a tree while reading can help you to stay relaxed and think clearer. The round design of the bench is made to wrap around the trunk of a tree. That way, the bench becomes part of the plant for a whimsical look.

Storage Garden Branch

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Storage garden benches are great lawn furniture to hide away all the yard clutter. Whether it is gardening supplies or your child’s toys, a storage bench can store them all in while serving the purpose of bench seating. It looks just like any other bench and these benches are available in many styles that you can choose from as per your liking.

Memorial Garden Bench

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A memorial bench is a piece of furniture that commemorates someone who has died. Memorial benches are made of durable materials, usually wood or a synthetically-created material.

Weaved Back Bench

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Benches with a back in the woven-style or oval shape are beautiful and thus very popular. They make an attractive item to add to any garden. These types of benches can ensure that your garden has a general feeling of elegance.

Recycled Benches

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Recycled and reclaimed materials can be used to make a bench. This can include recycled plastic but also reclaimed wood such as barn wood, etc. These benches usually have a distinctly rustic look.


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