21 Best Modern White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Last updated on May 26, 2024

Looking for modern white kitchen cabinet ideas? Here’s a list of our favorite pictures dissected and explained why they work.

White kitchen cabinets are classic and usually a safe design decision, even though the alternatives are making their way. They go well with white or off-white kitchen walls by default, and it’s the top choice in modern design.

The only thing you have to make sure of is to match the rest of the decor.

And that’s where we come in with this list of 20 best modern white kitchen cabinet ideas. Don’t be fooled by the word “modern.” It can mean many things, from farmhouse kitchens to shaker cabinets and rustic accents.

If there’s one thing common to all of these inspirational ideas: they are edgy and up to date, no matter what your style is.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no doubt that shaker cabinets work in modern kitchen design (you can even build these yourself), especially when you want to create rustic and farmhouse accents to go along with them.

In this picture, we can see white shaker cabinets used perfectly well with rustic vent panel and farmhouse orb pendant chandeliers.

The marble backsplashes are well matched with the overall white theme of the kitchen design. We can see how well the open display shelves with a mirror backdrop work too.

And the whole ensemble is anchored with a nice striped runner rug. It’s a wonderful kitchen decor example.

White Shaker Cabinets and Black Granite Countertops

The contrast created with white shaker cabinets and black granite countertops packs a lot of decor value. The glossy backsplash in a muted teal shade makes a striking accent to bring the whole color scheme together.

All White Kitchen Cabinet Idea

All white kitchen design rarely works well because it can be overwhelming. But in this case, it makes a well-balanced interior. It’s all a matter of the right choice of small accent details that break the visual space.

Watch how the well selected colorful trinkets fill up the under the cabinet space and break the visual line.

The choice of pale hardwood floor and metallic hardware accents help maintain the balance without creating too much contrast.

All in all, it’s a great kitchen design with white cabinets.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Countertops and Walls

White cabinets are classic, but they lack texture. And when you want to create a modern farmhouse kitchen, the texture is essential.

So, in this case, it’s added via marble countertops and walls. Yes, it’s a luxurious solution, and it does its magic.

The dark hardwood floor also helps to create a balanced contrast which is maintained with metallic brass accents throughout the middle and upper visual line (tabletop accessories, hardware, and light fixtures).

White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Floors

We want to draw your attention to this kitchen design not only because it’s beautiful but also because it serves a design lesson.

When you have white cabinets, it’s important to maintain color balance. You can’t use very contrasting colors together without transition if you want the area look visually good.

So if you have white kitchen cabinets with dark floor, you need to add dark accents in-between. That means dark grey seating, lighting pendants, lamps, and hardware.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops

This is a dangerous combination, and it’s quite a difficult choice of color. You have to be bold to take on the challenge. In this kitchen design it has worked out well, and here’s why.

This design makes use of the previously mentioned technique of balancing color. The white cabinets contrast with black countertops, and they would look off if it weren’t of the mid tones.

These are usually crated with grey lower or upper cabinets, but in this case, the kitchen appliances do the trick.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets

This all-white kitchen looks clean and sophisticated. The entire wall has been maximized for storage with the cabinets reaching as high as the ceiling. Lights provide illumination through the transparent panels.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Chrome Hardware

The cabinets look great beside the marble backsplash. Chrome knobs and handles add a touch of elegance. This kitchen seems quite spacious thanks to the light colors and large windows.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Tile Backsplash and Dark Wood Floor

Dark wooden flooring provides the perfect contrast to the white cabinets in this traditional kitchen design. The tops do not quite reach the high ceiling, but that only ensures easy reach for all the stored items.

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets

A quaint farmhouse kitchen with cabinets that blend with the white walls. Decorative pieces are kept behind glass doors for protection. Meanwhile, potted plants add a splash of color from above.

Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

This ultra-modern design will make you feel that you traveled to the future. It features glossy white kitchen cabinets within a stainless steel frame. The combination of materials recurs several times across the room.

White Shaker Cabinets with Hardwood Floor

The open concept kitchen works well thanks to visual cues and smart layout. At the center is an island that doubles as a breakfast nook. It features a marble counter, ample storage, and an under-mount sink.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinets and Dark Wood Floor

There is plenty of room for kitchenware with the dominating cabinets in traditional styling. Some of them have see-through panels to show off fine china.

White Shaker Cabinets with Black Hardware

The monochrome theme keeps everything subdued from the white cabinets to the gray backsplash and the black door handles. Even the clock and the stools follow the neutral color palette.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

The kitchen stills looks warm and homey despite the predominance of white cabinetry. This can be attributed to the wooden floor and the faint glow of the ceiling lights. The granite countertops play their role to add texture well too.

White Shaker Cabinets with Herringbone Backsplash and Brass Hardware

There is nothing more pleasant than a clean white kitchen. This one nails it from the cabinets to herringbone-pattern tiles. The impeccable tilework can even be seen through the clear glass cabinet doors.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Subway Tile Backsplash

Vertical space was utilized to the fullest through storage solutions. The white doors hide everything while giving the appearance of order. The upper level is more suited for decorative purposes.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Full Marble Walls

Big windows and a central skylight keep this kitchen bright during the day. Having a light-colored marble backsplash and pure white cabinets certainly help with the look as well. Meal preparation should be a breeze.

Modern Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

If you are into minimalism, then take design cues from this kitchen. The black counter prevents blemishes from being visible while the white and gray cabinets balance things out to keep it light.

Small Kitchen with White Cabinets

This kitchen might be in the middle of a renovation, but you can see its potential. The spray-painted cabinets have clean lines fit for a modern dwelling. They go well with the glossy tiles and the stainless steel appliances. Do not forget that you need to paint the inside of cabinets too.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops and Subway Tile Backsplash

The symmetrical design features a center sink with an overhead shelf flanked by symmetrical cabinets. Shelf space is not a problem for fine china or any other piece of kitchenware that homeowners may want to highlight.


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