15 Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas for an Elegant Home Update

Last updated on May 24, 2024

Discover a medley of hardware options to spruce up your Shaker kitchen cabinets with style and functionality.

Pewter Accent Knobs

Pewter accent knobs effortlessly infuse a subtle, rustic charm, seamlessly blending with the simplicity and functionality of shaker cabinetry.

Leather Loop Pulls

Leather loop pulls bring a touch of rustic charm to shaker cabinets, marrying the simplicity of the style with a warm, tactile feel.

Ceramic Patterned Knobs

Ceramic patterned knobs serve as a whimsical focal point in a Shaker kitchen, introducing color and unique designs that can effortlessly reflect the personality of a home.

Brushed Gold T-Bar Pulls

Brushed gold T-bar pulls add a touch of understated luxury, marrying classic Shaker simplicity with a modern, warm metallic finish.

Antique Brass Latch Pulls

Antique brass latch pulls infuse a vintage charm, bringing a touch of bygone elegance to modern Shaker cabinets.

Square Stainless Steel Knobs

Square stainless steel knobs offer a modern twist with their sleek, geometric silhouette, bringing a contemporary edge to the classic Shaker cabinet style.

Crystal Clear Glass Pulls

Crystal clear glass pulls add a touch of elegance and airiness, reflecting light for a shimmering nod to classic, refined style.

Hammered Copper Knobs

Hammered copper knobs offer a rustic charm that warms up the kitchen with an artisanal touch, reflecting craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Minimalistic Hidden Channel Pulls

Sleek and unobtrusive, hidden channel pulls celebrate simplicity, merging effortlessly with the streamlined appearance of Shaker cabinetry.

Vintage-Inspired Label Holder Pulls

Vintage-inspired label holder pulls serve a dual purpose: they add an old-school touch while keeping your kitchen organization on point by allowing you to label what’s inside the drawers or cabinets.

Satin Nickel Ring Pulls

Satin nickel ring pulls blend a touch of vintage charm with modern sleekness, harmonizing with Shaker cabinetry’s clean lines while providing comfortable grasp.

Wooden Dowel Knobs

Embrace a touch of Scandinavian simplicity by incorporating wooden dowel knobs; their natural finish complements the Shaker cabinetry’s unpretentious charm, offering a seamless blend of functionality and modest elegance.

Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Pulls

Enamel-coated cast iron pulls offer a durable, vintage touch that balances rustic charm with a glossy, modern sheen, perfect for a twist on classic Shaker simplicity.

Art Deco Style Hardware

Incorporate the opulence of the Roaring Twenties into your kitchen with Art Deco style hardware, bringing a flair of geometric patterns and sleek lines to your shaker cabinets.

Geometric Shaped Pulls

Geometric pulls offer a fresh, modern twist, turning your cabinets into statement pieces through bold shapes like hexagons and octagons.

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