15 Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas for a Fresh Look

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Discover fresh and creative ideas to transform your kitchen cabinets and boost your kitchen’s charm.

Two-tone Paint Job

two tone paint job

Achieve a modern and trendy look by combining two complementary colors on your kitchen cabinets.

Install Glass Panel Doors

install glass panel doors

Glass panel doors add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your cabinets, making your kitchen look more spacious and modern.

Add Under-cabinet Lighting

add under cabinet lighting

Illuminating your kitchen cabinets from below with under-cabinet lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance, while also adding functionality by brightening up your workspace.

Use Peel-and-stick Wallpaper

use peel and stick wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper adds a pop of color and pattern to your kitchen cabinets effortlessly. It is a simple way to give your cabinets a fresh look without the commitment of permanent changes. Just peel, stick, and transform your space in minutes.

Swap Out Hardware With Vintage Handles

swap out hardware with vintage handles

Elevate the appeal of your kitchen cabinets by replacing modern handles with vintage ones, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to your space.

Apply Chalkboard Paint for Notes

apply chalkboard paint for notes

Transform cabinet surfaces into writable areas for notes and grocery lists. Great way to keep important family information visible in the kitchen. Perfect for quick reminders or doodles while cooking.

Install Roll-out Shelves

install roll out shelves

Roll-out shelves allow easy access to items at the back of your kitchen cabinets without having to rummage through everything in front.

Add Crown Molding At the Top

add crown molding at the top

Crown molding adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen cabinets, creating a seamless transition between the cabinets and the ceiling, giving your space a refined and polished look with minimal effort.

Convert Doors to Soft-close

convert doors to soft close

Transform your kitchen cabinet doors into soft-close for added convenience and a touch of modern luxury to your space.

Install Organizers for Better Storage

install organizers for better storage

Maximize space with clever organizers to keep your kitchen cabinets neat and tidy.

Stencil Designs On Cabinet Doors

stencil designs on cabinet doors

Elevate your kitchen cabinet makeover by stenciling intricate designs on the doors to add a personalized touch that stands out.

Attach Beadboard for Texture

attach beadboard for texture

Adding beadboard to your kitchen cabinets brings in a textured element that elevates their look and feel. The beadboard creates depth and visual interest, making your cabinets stand out in style.

Replace Toe Kicks With a New Color or Material

replace toe kicks with a new color or material

Refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets by updating the toe kicks with a new color or material, adding a stylish touch to the base of your cabinets while tying the whole makeover together seamlessly.

Apply New Veneer or Wood Finish

apply new veneer or wood finish

Elevate your kitchen cabinets by applying new veneer or wood finish to refresh their appearance. Give your cabinets a fresh new look with this simple yet impactful makeover idea. This technique can transform worn-out cabinets into stylish focal points in your kitchen.

Install a Wine Rack Insert

install a wine rack insert

Maximize your kitchen cabinet space by adding a wine rack insert that keeps your favorite bottles easily accessible.


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