15 Maple Cabinet Hardware Ideas for a Stylish Home

Last updated on May 30, 2024

Searching for the perfect hardware for your maple cabinets? You’ll find stylish, functional, and slightly quirky ideas right here to give your kitchen that extra “wow” factor.

Maple cabinets. Classic, timeless, and as comforting as a stack of Sunday morning pancakes. But, let’s be honest—everyone’s seen the same old hardware tricks.

I’m here to crack the shell and spill out some gooey creative goodness. Buckle up for some maple cabinet hardware ideas that are sure to make your kitchen the talk of the town.

No more yawns and “been-there-done-thats.” Ready to discover hardware with a heartbeat? Let’s dive in.

Brushed Nickel Pulls

brushed nickel pulls

Enhance your maple cabinets with modern elegance using brushed nickel pulls, adding a sleek and contemporary touch to your kitchen or bathroom design.

Antique Brass Knobs

antique brass knobs

Enhance the timeless warmth of maple cabinets with antique brass knobs, adding a touch of vintage elegance to your kitchen or furniture.

Matte Black Bar Handles

matte black bar handles

Matte black bar handles add a modern touch to maple cabinets, enhancing their sleek look and creating a striking contrast. The bold color and clean lines of these handles make them a popular choice for contemporary kitchen designs seeking a hint of elegance and sophistication.

Crystal Glass Knobs

crystal glass knobs

Enhance the elegance of your maple cabinets with Crystal glass knobs, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your kitchen or furniture piece.

Leather Strap Pulls

leather strap pulls

Leather strap pulls offer a rustic touch to maple cabinets, adding warmth and character to the overall design. They bring a unique and stylish element to your cabinetry, creating a charming and inviting look. These pulls provide a natural and earthy feel, perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen or any space with maple cabinets. The combination of leather and wood adds a tactile and visual contrast, enhancing the visual appeal of your cabinetry.

Bronze Cup Handles

bronze cup handles

Bronze cup handles offer a rustic charm to maple cabinets, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to the overall look.

Ceramic Hand-painted Knobs

ceramic hand painted knobs

Ceramic hand-painted knobs add a charming artisanal touch to your maple cabinets. Each knob is a unique piece of art that brings personality and color to your kitchen or furniture.

Copper Farmhouse Pulls

copper farmhouse pulls

Copper farmhouse pulls add a charming rustic touch to maple cabinets, bringing warmth and character to the overall design.

Stainless Steel T-bar Handles

stainless steel t bar handles

Stainless steel T-bar handles add a modern touch to maple cabinets with their sleek design and durability. Easy to install and clean, these handles complement the warm tones of maple wood beautifully.

Vintage Porcelain Pulls

vintage porcelain pulls

Vintage porcelain pulls add a touch of timeless elegance to maple cabinets, combining classic charm with a rustic feel. The vintage-inspired design brings a unique and antique look to your kitchen or furniture pieces. These pulls are perfect for those seeking a vintage aesthetic with a modern twist in their living space.

Clear Acrylic Handles

clear acrylic handles

For a modern twist on maple cabinets, consider Clear acrylic handles for a sleek and contemporary look that adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen design.

Pewter Twisted Knobs

pewter twisted knobs

Creating a sophisticated look, Pewter twisted knobs add a touch of elegance to maple cabinets, elevating their design with a unique and intricate touch.

Bamboo Round Pulls

bamboo round pulls

Bamboo round pulls provide a natural and eco-friendly touch to your maple cabinets, adding warmth and uniqueness to your kitchen or furniture pieces. Their smooth texture and earthy appeal make them a versatile option for those looking to infuse a bit of nature into their living spaces.

Gold Geometric Handles

gold geometric handles

Add a touch of luxury and modern flair to your maple cabinets with gold geometric handles, elevating your kitchen’s aesthetic with a glamorous and contemporary vibe.

Wrought Iron Rustic Knobs

wrought iron rustic knobs

Tying into the rustic charm of maple cabinets, wrought iron knobs add a timeless and sophisticated touch to your kitchen or furniture.


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