15 Creative Stacked Laundry Closet Ideas

Last updated on June 1, 2024

Transform your tight laundry space with these clever stacked laundry closet ideas for style and function.

Built-in Storage Cabinets

Maximize space with built-in storage cabinets to keep laundry essentials organized and easily accessible in your stacked laundry closet.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors add a rustic touch to your laundry closet and save space by eliminating the need for swinging doors.

Pull-out Folding Table

A pull-out folding table in your stacked laundry closet provides a convenient workspace for sorting and folding clothes, maximizing your efficiency in a compact space.

Adjustable Shelving Units

Adjustable shelving units in your stacked laundry closet provide flexibility to organize items of various sizes efficiently.

Hidden Ironing Board Compartment

A hidden ironing board compartment keeps all your ironing essentials neatly out of sight and easily accessible in your stacked laundry closet setup.

Vertical Pull-out Organizers

Vertical pull-out organizers are perfect for maximizing storage space in a stacked laundry closet, keeping essentials within easy reach without taking up much room.

Tilt-out Laundry Hampers

Tilt-out laundry hampers are a clever solution to keep dirty clothes out of sight in a stacked laundry closet. Just tilt them out when it’s time to do laundry and tuck them away when not in use, maximizing space and keeping the area organized.

Customizable Pegboard Walls

Customizable pegboard walls offer versatile storage solutions for laundry closets, allowing you to organize various laundry essentials efficiently.

Overhead Drying Rack

Maximize space by utilizing an overhead drying rack, a perfect solution for air-drying clothes in a stacked laundry closet setup.

Transparent Doors for Easy Access

Transparent doors provide a sleek look while keeping items easily visible and accessible when stacked in a laundry closet.

Compact Folding Ladder

The compact folding ladder is a clever space-saving solution for reaching high storage areas in your stacked laundry closet. It provides easy access without taking up much-needed floor space, making it a practical addition to any small laundry room design.

Built-in Hanging Rods

Built-in hanging rods provide additional space for drying or storing clothes while maximizing the vertical space in your laundry closet.

Space-saving Hooks

Utilize space-saving hooks to hang clothes conveniently and keep the laundry area organized and clutter-free.

Magnetic Accessory Holders

Magnetic accessory holders keep your laundry closet clutter-free by providing a convenient storage solution for small items like pins and clips. They attach easily to metal surfaces, keeping essentials within reach while doing laundry.

Fold-away Utility Sink

A fold-away utility sink offers flexibility for small laundry closets, providing a convenient space for hand-washing items when needed.


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