Living room is no doubt the most decorated space in a home, we pay most attention to it and it’s the place where we spend a lot of time while at home. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that making state of the art living room decor is every homeowner’s dream. Indeed, new living room decor trends have a lot of appeal every year.

Let’s take a look at 25 living room designs that have got it right. These designs are absolutely gorgeous and they are the real trendsetters. We can learn a lot of them, so let’s begin.

You’ll notice a common theme among all of these living rooms designs and that’s a warm color scheme with dominant soft grey hues. Such a palette is at the heart of this room decor, with only the houseplants adding subtle pops of color.

Another reoccurring theme is mixing different materials, such these wooden stools and a leather chair. Using materials is another subtle way to add color to a neutral palette.

Metallic lighting fixtures, vases and trays are used as accents in this overall neutral design. The pattern rug and accent pillows really anchor the room.

The same soft grey hues can be used in any style as in this traditional classic room. The washed out grey hardwood floor is another feature that we’ll see more of later.

Brick walls are still used as a decor feature and they go well with mettallic accents such as lighting fixtures and storage units. This gives the room an industrial style feel to it, but at the same time the balance is maintained by using wooden furniture of intricate design and beautiful rugs which keep the space warm visually.

We can also see the emphasis on architectural features, such as crown molding which can be often found in traditional style designs. The emphasis is created by painting the molding in contrasting color.

Modern minimalist decor style enjoys the soft greys and we can find the trendy hardwood floor finish here too.



Another gorgeous example of a traditional style design with a lot of pops of color in greenery.

But grey isn’t the only color that can be used. Here we see the soft blue being used as the accent color. Adding accent colors in this subtle manner is what we see a lot of in this year’s interior design trends.

Patterns aren’t and exception as well, although we don’t see a lot of them in these designs. The accent wallpaper wall in this room goes together very well with metallic accents.

Another common theme to pay attention to is the mix of different styles, especially classic and modern. In this room, beautiful classic crown molding is used as an architectural feature but at the same time we find modern furniture and minimalist wall decor.

Another example of an accent brick wall feature that is paired with a rustic table for a very warm and gorgeous room style.

This stunningly beautiful room is a cover worthy example of this years living room trends. It has everything – washed out greys (including the floor), soft color pops, metallic accents and a pattern rug to anchor it all.

Another amazing living room where modern meets traditional with a well balanced warm color palette, a mix of textures, patterns and materials.

We can see that Scandinavian design has had a huge impact in recent times and this living room is a prime example with its minimalist style and the total embrace of the subdued grey palette.

This room shows that the presence of color can be used at large but only when the neutral palette provides it the right background. Dominant whites and greys are perfect for that and you can embrace the colors by accessorizing.

Another great example of how different patterns, textures and materials complement each other.

Using rustic accents is a great way to add warmth to an other wise cold decor dominated by whites.

This minimalist room design shows the value of wood finish – it adds the necessary color and texture making the space visually interesting.

Patterns easily mix if they’re used together with soft colors – we can see floral, polka dot and geometric patterns being used in the same space and they complement each other well. We can also see another decor feature – an accent wall in a soft hue.

Another gorgeous traditional living room design that embraces patterns, and it works without being overwhelming because of the very soft color palette.

In this open plan room where the kitchen is connected to the living room we find the marriage of two different approaches to adding decor interest. The kitchen decor uses a mix of different materials, while the living room area makes use of patterns and color – it creates a seamless connection between the two areas.

Bohemian decor is not an exception and we can see the same trends being applied here – lots of patterns that are common in boho style but the colors are subdued at the same time.

The hues of pink must have a separate mention as they find their own decor style branch, so to speak. The combination of pink and brass or gilded accents is the latest trend.



And finally, we’ll end the list with an emphasis on the colorful rugs that anchor the gorgeous trending living room designs. The trick is choosing a rug that combines the entire color palette of the room and anchors the space by allowing to spread the color via decor pieces and accessories.

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