10 Cool Futuristic Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love to Try

Last updated on September 19, 2021

Want to add some futuristic design style to your bedroom decor? Here are ten cool futuristic bedroom ideas you’ll love to try in 2019.

The future aesthetic is an acquired taste, but for those who are drawn to it, it becomes a must. Such a highly niche design preference does wonderfully in a bedroom, as it is one of the most intimate spaces in the home. Futuristic design can mean some things in modern times, but all designs that most people would call futuristic have a few things in common.

Incorporate Smart Tech in Your Futuristic Bedroom

Smart technology nightstand in Futuristic Bedroom decor

With smart tech, the functionality is a part of the design. It adds to the futuristic ambiance to be able to charge your phone merely by placing it on your wireless charging nightstand. Though wireless charging isn’t as efficient as plugging in a phone, a wireless mat incorporated into your bedside table will still top your phone off while you sleep.

Smart switches, smart outlets, and smart bulbs present you with the ability to quickly and easily incorporate tech into your bedroom. Even if you don’t change your décor to match your modifications, you’ll still be sleeping in a futuristic haven. Any design modifications you make to match your tech functionality will only serve to increase the ambiance.

Home Elevator

home elevator

Lifting yourself to your bedroom is definitely the futuristic way to go to bed after a hard day. Install an elevator as a high tech way to move around your two-story house. It’s a great accessibility improvement for the elderly dwellers or people with impaired mobility too.

Build the Futuristic Bedroom Around the Bed

Build the Futuristic Bedroom Around the Bed 

Most futuristic bedrooms have one core thing in common: they’re built around the bed. Beds are often made into alcoves, into the floor, or cubbies explicitly designed for the bed. This is an expensive modification that may not add value to the home, but it’s a surefire way to add futuristic appeal to an otherwise blank canvas.

When changing the structure of the bedroom is not an option, seek a larger bedframe that encapsulates the bed. Boxy canopy style beds evoke a futuristic vibe. Some minimalist style bed frames, particularly those that appear to be floating, might also give the same visual impression.

White and Light Futuristic Bedroom Idea

White and Light Futuristic Bedroom

The easiest way to create a futuristic bedroom, mainly when working with a lower budget, is to utilize the trick of simplicity. Glossy white furniture gives the clean, sleek look of the future. They remind people of the space age and artificial intelligence. This is precisely why the simple design of the stormtrooper characters in the Star Wars film franchise worked so beautifully – glossy white appears clean, practical, and durable.

Combining glossy white finishes with lights takes things one step further. Installing LED strip lights beneath a bed or behind and end table makes them appear to glow. Even color changing LED bulbs in table lamps will give the same effect. Any vibrant color will appear futuristic – think of Tron’s iconic turquoise and white and what a profound statement is created.

Start with the 70’s

Retrofuturistic Bedroom Decor

When many people want to evoke a futuristic feeling in a room, they don’t want the design of tomorrow. They want what people several decades ago thought the model of tomorrow would be. This is called retrofuturism – it’s depictions of the future based on predictions that never came true. Since there’s more past than present, it’s easy to revisit old pop culture or design references to capture previous ideas of the future. This is what most designers do when creating a futuristic room.

If enough inspiration is drawn from glimpsing back at retrofuture design depictions, the result is likely to be something clean and minimalist with subtle chrome accents. Retrofuturism often uses loud or expressive patterns, even in the form of wallpaper. This wallpaper is sometimes used to cover headboards or other furniture. How creative you get with these patterns is entirely your choice.

Playing with Shapes in Futuristic Bedroom Decor

Playing with Shapes in Futuristic Bedroom Decor

Shapes evoke feeling in design. Roundtables feel cozy and welcoming, while rectangular tables feel a bit more formal. It’s the difference between straight lines and curves that can set the entire tone for a room. Futuristic design plays with the concept of shapes by harmoniously integrating the two.

Futuristic design often incorporates straight lines and curves to create stark contrasts. Straight lines form a pragmatic and efficient foundation for most of the room, where the stylistic element of curves adds a welcoming, approachable touch. Steep curves, particularly in the form of large ovals, act as a beautiful juxtaposition to minimalist, boxy elements.

Decorative Futuristic Bedroom Accents

Decorative accents are a lower cost, lower commitment way to introduce a design element into a room. Best of all, you won’t need to hire someone to install them for you. Futuristic decorative elements are often made of metal, glass, and porcelain. These three durable materials have a shiny finish that mimics a space-age glimmer.

Mirrors, especially multi-mirror arrangements, are strongly futuristic. They maximize the amount of light in a space, which is especially impactful when a primarily white or pastel color scheme is used. They’re inexpensive to create and easy as a DIY project.

Futuristic Bedroom Symmetry

Futuristic Bedroom Symmetry

Futuristic designs are often created with perfection in mind. Unblemished furniture and décor arranged in perfect symmetry appear futuristic, especially when a room has minimal color or texture. Often times, having two beds on opposite sides of the room creates the balance and contrast necessary to make one half of the room look like the immaculate mirror image of the other half. Symmetrical futuristic designs are ideal for guest rooms or rental rooms.

Touches of Marble in Futuristic Bedroom Decor

Marble is the most futuristic stone. White, shiny, and sturdy marble adds texture where flat white tiles or stones couldn’t quite get the job done. In master suites that hold both a bedroom and a bathroom, moving touches of marble in and around the bathtub can carry a futuristic motif from one end of the room to the other.

Curved Walls

Round Bed in Futuristic Bedroom
Source: www.instagram.com

It isn’t always possible to incorporate curved walls into the structure of a room that’s already been built, but when it is, it might bring the perfect vibe. Building curves around beds, closets, or any other small nook in a room will distinguish it as its own separate area while creating the feeling of being aboard a modular spacecraft.

Hollow Furniture

Hollow Furniture
Source: www.instagram.com

The future is about efficiency, and hollow furniture does a great job of selling the concept. Chairs, dressers, shelves, and bed frames designed to look hollow perfectly convey futurism. This is because they create space and angles that add interest to the room. They lack the bulkiness and cozy feeling of the solid furniture prevalent in both the past and modern times, giving a sense of innovation.

Overall, it helps to be wise about the way you use your space. Cluttering it with futuristic décor or furniture pieces will only diminish the futuristic ambiance you’re attempting to achieve. Minimalism is always better when you’re attempting to achieve a futuristic aesthetic. Sometimes, doing less will give you more.


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