15 Living Room Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on May 26, 2024

Discover clever living room storage solutions to maximize your space and keep clutter at bay.

Install Sliding Wall Panels With Hidden Storage

install sliding wall panels with hidden storage

Sliding wall panels offer a sleek, space-saving solution; simply glide them aside to reveal a treasure trove of neatly arranged items, out of sight when not in use.

Include a Murphy Bed With Shelving for Dual-use Space

include a murphy bed with shelving for dual use space

By integrating a Murphy bed into your living area, you gain a cozy sleep spot that folds away seamlessly, revealing shelving for books and curios, ensuring every square inch is working double duty.

Use Stackable, Clear Storage Containers As Decor

use stackable clear storage containers as decor

Stackable, clear containers let you showcase your knick-knacks while keeping them orderly, turning storage into an aesthetic feature.

Create a Pull-out Closet for Blankets and Pillows

create a pull out closet for blankets and pillows

Effortlessly tuck away your cozy comforts in a sleek pull-out closet, keeping your living room neat without sacrificing easy access to snuggle essentials.

Mount a Pegboard for Flexible Hanging Storage

mount a pegboard for flexible hanging storage

A pegboard offers a customizable canvas to hang plants, frames, and knick-knacks, keeping your floor space open and your walls aesthetically functional.

Hang Hammocks for Stuffed Animals in Corners

hang hammocks for stuffed animals in corners

Transform those awkward nooks into cozy nests for plush friends while clearing up prime real estate on your living room floor.

Set Up a Ceiling-mounted Pulley System for Baskets

set up a ceiling mounted pulley system for baskets

Elevate your storage game with a pulley system that hoists baskets overhead, freeing up valuable floor space and adding an unexpected twist to your living room’s ambiance.

Arrange Decorative Trunks As Coffee or Side Tables

arrange decorative trunks as coffee or side tables

Strategically placed antique or modern trunks serve as stylish, multipurpose furnishings, offering both a surface for your coffee cup and a spacious compartment to tuck away your living room clutter.

Use a Vertical, Stand-alone Wardrobe for Miscellaneous Items

use a vertical stand alone wardrobe for miscellaneous items

A slender wardrobe offers a streamlined solution for tucking away everything from seasonal decor to craft supplies, keeping your living space orderly and clutter-free.

Incorporate Magnetic Wall Strips for Metal Items and Tools

incorporate magnetic wall strips for metal items and tools

Magnetic wall strips offer a sleek, space-saving solution to keep metal items like scissors, keys, or small tools within arm’s reach, ensuring your living room remains clutter-free.

Fit a Rolling Cart Into the Decor for Mobile Organization

fit a rolling cart into the decor for mobile organization

A rolling cart offers a movable feast of storage, gliding to wherever you need it most and tucking away when it’s time to declutter.

Design End Tables With Hidden Compartments

design end tables with hidden compartments

Cleverly disguised compartments in end tables offer a perfect hideaway for remotes, magazines, and the ever-elusive phone chargers.

Add a Fold-down Desk That Doubles As Storage

add a fold down desk that doubles as storage

Maximize compact spaces with a fold-down desk; when not in use as a workspace, flip it up to reveal an organized area for your odds and ends.

Utilize Decorative Room Dividers With Shelving

utilize decorative room dividers with shelving

A room divider with shelves serves a dual purpose, providing privacy while keeping your living space clutter-free by displaying books, plants, and other treasured knick-knacks.

Convert an Old Media Cabinet Into a Storage Hub

convert an old media cabinet into a storage hub

Repurposing an antiquated media cabinet offers a nostalgic touch while tidily tucking away anything from books to board games, meshing practicality with vintage charm.

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