20 Best Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas

Last updated on September 18, 2023

Looking for the perfect living room curtains to dress up your windows? Here are the 20 best modern curtain ideas to inspire you.

Window dressing can make or break the entire decor of a room. That’s why choosing the right living room curtains of any type is so essential. It depends on so many variables, and you have a lot of things to think about before making a choice. And no matter what design style you’re going for, we’re here to help you with inspiring ideas.

From modern to eclectic, from rustic to industrial, and so on. There are as many curtain styles as there are decor styles so you can mix and match to get the result of your liking. We’ve picked 20 very diverse and creative ideas for the living room curtains so that you have a lot to choose from. We are sure these ideas will help you create your mood board and choose the right curtains for your living room.

Emerald Green Velvet Living Room Curtains

Velvet emerald green living room curtains
Source: etsy.com

Nothing better adds some luxury to your home decor than the choice of the right curtains. In this case, emerald green velvet living room curtains will have this effect on your interior design. Most importantly, these curtains on Etsy are handmade and have the same high quality as big brand names, only at a fraction of the cost.

The recommended decor style for these emerald green curtains is modern with classic accents. The deep color tone of the window dressing creates so much visual drama. You can add some yellow accents (such as a sofa) in pops of color to add even more decor interest to these curtains.

Velvet Navy Blue living room curtains
Source: etsy.com

Navy blue is the new classic, and you can see that with these living room curtains. This color and material work so well with the neutral tones of the room’s design. These curtains come from the same maker as the previous product, so they are very similar, yet so they are very different as far as the decor effect goes.

We recommend using these living room curtains with blue or grey tones in your interior design with pops of bright color. These can be bright yellow furniture or accessories.

Geometric Living Room Curtains

Geometric living room curtains
Source: etsy.com

Modern interior design requires bold accent statements and window treatments can correctly play that part. These geometric living room curtains can make a striking accent that would transform the decor completely.

You can use geometric accents in different design styles too. Basically, think of when you want to make contrast or visual drama. Such geometric print curtains can make a great focal point of the room also.

Three Color Ombre Living Room Curtains

Ombre living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Here’s how you make a decor accent from plain grey curtains. Handpainting them in ombre colors does the trick. It’s a great way to create custom decor with personal character. Keeping the color tones neutral doesn’t disturb the style of the interior design either.

Curtains of this design are universal in what styles of decor they can be used. They can add a personal touch in cold modern decor or a cozy accent in rustic farmhouse decor.

Floral Design Living Room Curtains

Floral eclectic living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Floral design curtains aren’t tacky at all if they’re used in the right way. This example is an excellent example of how you can use florals as a decor accent even if you’re not going for the eclectic style.

The color of the living room curtains pertains to the bookshelves and wall art to create a harmonious decor. The earthy tones of natural wood furniture and art make the perfect anchor for the eclectic design.

Pattern Print Living Room Curtains

One of the best ways to get your living room curtains right the first time is to visualize them in advance. These austere black-and-white curtains are the perfect accent for the white-dominant room in which they are placed.

Silky Grey Living Room Curtains

Grey silky living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

This is an excellent illustration of the way in which an almost-perfect match between curtains and furniture is superior to the effect that an exact duplication between pieces would bring to space.

Victorian Grey Living Room Curtains

Victorian grey living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Another excellent example of working with close variations on a unified theme. The muted gray hues of the curtains perfectly complement the gray trim paint and dark-toned furnishings that quietly proclaim this to be an excursion into upper-class elegance.

Grey Floor Length Living Room Curtains

Floor length grey living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Contrasting bites of color, in this case: blue, set off the classic gray theme of this room. Floor-length curtains stand sentinel over the massive view wall and provide a sense of surprising intimacy.

Classic Pattern Living Room Curtains

Classic pattern living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Wow. What a dazzlingly perfect union of curtains and valance treatment that creates a fantastic sense of sensual continental elegance a la Versailles. Really. Just wow.

Traditional Silky Living Room Curtains

Traditional silky living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Extending the height of curtains to be a wall covering rather than a window covering allows the regrettable necessity of a curtain rod to be moved high up beyond the eye line.

Modern Pattern Living Room Curtains

Modern pattern living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Vast improvements in the energy efficiency of windows have led to an increase in their size, which in turn leads to stunning new ways in which ordinary curtains become major statements.

Ceiling to Floor Living Room Curtains

Ceiling to floor living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

The trend is all towards wall-length curtains this season, as shown by this visible yet impossible to ignore set of curtains done in simple white linen.

Two-Tone Living Room Curtains

Two tone living room curtains
Source: houzz.com

Retro look room with bright splashes of bold primary colors offset by the overall gray background theme. This contrast between pop and contemplative elegance draws the eye as intended.

Classic White Living Room Curtains

This aptly termed salon features diaphanous white draperies that artistically capture and then diffuse the brilliant sunshine streaming into the very feminine interior space.

Ceiling to Floor Modern Living Room Curtains

For the right kind of space, this Danish Modern themed room features many carefully-aligned variants on an overall chocolate theme. Artful use of baby spots provides further layers of colors to explore even on the same fabric.

Vintage Living Room Curtains

Sedate Victorian elegance abounds in this pristine room. The use of airy yet opaque sheers coupled with classic heavyweight Victorian drapery serves to both frame and massage the light coming inside.

Floral Pattern Living Room Curtains

Wonderfully whimsical departure from the current trend towards traditional fabrics and presentations. This lovely and diaphanous set of curtains provides a beautiful snap of color and brightness to an otherwise monochromatic theme.

Luxurious Living Room Curtains

These floor-sweeping curtains are the perfect choice for a tall ceiling contemporary space. The deliberate choice of leaving the skirts dragging creates an unforgettable evocation of movie star glamour from the 40s.

Oriental Pattern Living Room Curtains

Elegant style from Northeast Asia is found in these ornate Korean wall hangings. An exciting departure from the concept of curtains as a frame in which they become the center of attention rather than its faithful servant.


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