Looking to update your living room with modern home decor ideas? Here are 20 ways to do exactly that with less effort and lots of creativity! And if you are willing to take the chance, small renovations like these can make a huge impact.

It is easy to make any living room a modern living room by following some simple design strategies. The changes you make can be big or small depending on your budget and your commitment to redecorating. Find and make use of the ideas that best suit your style and budget.

Emerald Accents

Emerald is a classic color that is making a modern impact. It is a favorite pop color for todays decorators. While it is a pop, it is also an unexpected neutral color.

Geometric Patterned Accessories

Using pillows, throw rugs, and curtains that feature geometric patterns is an easy way to update and modernize virtually any style of decor.


You do not have to be sparse to represent the modern minimalist style. Instead, choose furnishings and accents that use minimalist designs. The look will translate without limiting your furnishings.

Modernized Mantles

Update your living room simply by updating your mantle. Design a new surround with large subway tile. Transform that traditional hearth by eliminating the shelf.

Herringbone Flooring

This is the modern equivalent of the traditional parquet flooring. It gives a modern geometric pattern feel while using traditional materials. It utilizes a traditional material in a modern way.

Updated Lighting

Update any decor by making modern lighting the star. Choose unique lighting that makes a statement. Feature the lighting in key places like the center of the room and next to chairs or on end tables.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Items usually reserved for decks sometimes deserve more attention. Bring outdoor elements inside to create an unexpected and unorthodox edge to your decor.

Bright Floors and Somber Walls

It is common to see dark flooring, but a modernized twist is white or very light colored flooring. Pair the bright floors with darker colored walls to maintain balance.

Shades of Grey for Decor

It is more than a movie. Decorating in coordinating shades of grey is a terrific way to add a modern feel to any architecture or furnishings. Grey is the chosen modern neutral.

Organic Accents and Accessories

The botanical look is in. Update any decor with bold organic accessories. The unexpected elements create an air of whimsy in the most formal of settings.

Big Scale Art Pieces

Check out this modern living room decor idea with oversize wall art. Love it! #HomeDecorIdeas

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Large paintings or sculptures create a dramatic theme for a living room. It is a modernized way to incorporate fine art into your home.

Mix and Match

Play with textures, shapes, and design with your furnishes and accessories. Mix and match them all while maintaining a neutral color scheme.

Box Plaid Play

Box plaid or checks are a modern play on classic plaid. Box plaid accents bring a welcome contradiction to solid colors while staying minimal.

Sunlit Spaces

The future looks bright and so should your living room. Maximize natural light by using light colored walls and window treatments.

Soft and Hard

Add cozy pillows, throw blankets, and rugs to soften the hard edge of current and popular designs. It adds warmth to minimalistic interiors without cluttering the space.

Shades of Blue

It is not only shades of grey you should consider. Coordinating shades of blue modernize a neutral pallet. There are a wide variety of blues from which to choose.

Themed Art Collage

Get creative with your art. Consider placing several pieces of smaller wall art in a collage formation to create an entire art installation. Decide on a theme to make it cohesive.

Acrylic Furniture

Transparent acrylic or glass furniture is perfect in small places and it allows you to create a very modern look. It’s very neutral and allows you to experiment with different kinds of accents.

Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall and More

Mirror accents and mirrors update your decor. Use mirrors on your walls as well as mirrored glass tables, frames, and lamps. Limit the number of your mirrored accessories so they have the most impact possible.

Pops of Brights

Utilize brights on a neutral color pallet. Amped up variations of classic colors like avocado, citron, and robin’s egg blue give a updated twist to a classic decor. Mixing the brights with neutral colors will prevent them from overwhelming the space.