Would you like to build some new furniture for your home yourself? There are several benefits of doing it. First of all, it’s a lot cheaper than buying. Secondly, you will always get the look you want, usually in rustic or farmhouse style (but not limited to it). You don’t have to worry about quality either – it will be great if you try and follow a tutorial closely.

Since we like functional decor, we have made this story about furniture with multiple purpose. If you’re up for a little project, we have 15 easy to follow DIY tutorials that will help you build high quality storage furniture. There are projects for every room on this list, so pick your style and let’s get crafting.

Crate Storage Coffee Table with Stools

This is a really great DIY project that is easy to follow and results in multiple pieces of furniture with multiple purpose. You get an awesome farmhouse style coffee table with plenty of storage room, and stools which can be also used for extra storage. And all you need are a few wooden crates and wood boards to build it.

Crate Bookcase

The best thing about this DIY project is that it’s so easy but you get a very attractive bookcase as a result. Take a few crates and fix them together, paint them in a color of your liking and that’s all it takes to build a wonderful piece of furniture for your home. It’s great for displays in your living room or towel storage in the bathroom.

Sectional Sofa

Building a sectional sofa may sound like a big task but it’s a lot easier than you think. Check out these plans and the story how it was done. Whether you’re up for the challenge is for you to decide.

Platform Bed with Storage

If you’re looking for a new bed for a guest room or your master bedroom consider building your own as an option. This platform bed is quite easy to put together and it provides ample of storage space.

Storage Bench from a Bookshelf

Have you ever noticed that if you turn a simple vertical bookshelf on a side it looks very much like a bench? Use this hack to your advantage to build a simple yet attractive storage bench. You can pick up cheap bookshelves from Ikea for this little project.

Storage Bench from Crates

Another great DIY project that makes use of wooden crates from storage. Instead of stacking crates with stuff you can build this attractive bench with plenty of easy storage. Originally it was built for shoe storage but you can store just about anything in this convenient piece of furniture.

Window Seat with Storage

A window seat is a great functional piece of furniture but the problem is it almost always has to be custom made to fit your room. Well, this problem is easily solved and you can have fun while doing it. Build your own window seat bench with storage by following this easy tutorial.

Storage Ottoman/Coffee Table

Whether you build a coffee table or an ottoman following these plans is entirely up to you. This DIY project is very easy and requires only two crates to accomplish. Get your own unique rustic accent piece for your home.

Shelf Rack for Bathroom Storage

A small bathroom can certainly benefit from extra storage but you have to work in a very limited space. Consider building this small but spacious storage shelf in rustic style. Your bathroom decor will never be the same again.

Kitchen Island with Storage

Building a kitchen island with storage may not be the easiest DIY project but this one is as easy as they get. This piece of furniture will easily become the focal point of your kitchen decor and it’s very functional too. It makes use of wooden crates for storage really well and does it in a very attractive farmhouse style.

Barnwood Sideboard

If you like farmhouse style accents in your home decor then you’ll love this little DIY project. Transform just about any old cabinet with these rustic barnwood doors that create so much decor interest.

Storage Cabinet

Cheap storage cubes can be made so much more attractive by building a cabinet from them. This DIY project is easy to follow and you’ll absolutely have fun while building your own storage cabinets.

Open Pantry from Crates

Another great DIY project that makes use of wooden crates. We don’t have to say how easy it is to fix the crates together for a nice storage unit. This project adds lovely drawers for some closed storage and the wood stain goes so well for a rustic style.

Mobile Laundry Station

If your laundry tends to get disorganized try building a storage unit to organize it on the fly. It’s an easy DIY project but a very useful one.

Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

This lovely DIY piece of furniture has a very functional design. Wooden crates provide a lot of storage and the drawer frame makes it very accessible. You can use this unit as garage storage or apply wood stain and use it as a rustic/farmhouse accent piece in the kitchen to store produce.

Rustic Toy Box

If you can get your hands on an old but attractive crate, you can have an easy DIY storage box for just about anything. In this tutorial you will learn how to build a mobile toy storage box by adding rope handles and wheels to a vintage crate. Can’t get any more rustic than that and we love it.