There are tons of remarkable bathroom decor ideas that can be used to ensure the space is functional, comfortable and visually appealing. With the right idea, your bathroom will reflect your personality and design preference and stand out from among the rest. Best of all, you can achieve this objective with just about any budget with a little bit of creativity. If you are skilled, you could even save more money by taking on certain do-it-yourself projects.

We are all looking for the most unique bathroom decor ideas to transform the space. This can range between perfectly placed accent pieces to an entirely new theme. Highlighted below are 30 unique bathroom ideas for your inspiration.

Copper Clawfoot Bathtub

Not only is this tub tremendously attractive, it is also both durable and malleable. While it is an expensive purchase, these tubs will add a feeling of luxury and bring character to your bathroom.

Renaissance Console Top and Brass

This elegant combination of the renaissance console top with brass accents has created a look of remarkable sophistication. The brass accents add flair and perfectly complement the stately sinks.

Classic Elegance

Exposed brick walls in the #bathroom. What a brilliant idea! #BathroomIdeas #HomeDecorIdeas


This bathroom oozes sophisticated elegance. From the stately clawfoot tub to the the stunning chandelier, the brightly-lit space beckons for you to relax and unwind from the demands of your day, whatever they may be.

Bold Transitional Bathroom

The spectacular free-standing bathtub is clearly the centerpiece of this stunningly decorated bathroom. However, there is no denying the added style of the mirrored vanity and the bold black and white floor tiles.

Modern Magnificence

This space is fresh, simple and infused with style. This fantastic bathroom is well lit and perfectly complemented by strategically placed accessories. The understated elegance of the space adds to its charm.

Contemporary Soaking

This is a modern bathroom with a hint of traditional style. The metallic elements and unique mirrored soaking tub set the tone for the color contrast that make this bathroom stand out.

A Touch of Greece

With this gorgeous sunken concrete bathtub, you can enjoy the vibes of a Greek Island. This creates the ideal atmosphere for an extremely relaxing and visually pleasing bathroom.

Blooming Bathroom

This exquisitely designed space is chock full of eye-catching details that are sure to stimulate the senses. The mainly décor is boosted by the yellow towels and the basket storage is practical and striking.

Tribal Attribute

This tribal bathroom detail is a fascinating and unexpected element. It is sure to elevate the space to an entirely new level of style.

Soothing Sophistication

This space effortless combines sophistication with soothing comfort. You can just close your eyes and imagine all the ways it can contribute to total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rustic Bohemian Charm

This bathroom has mastered the art of combining Bohemian charm with rustic style. The tiles, plant, vessel sinks, mirror and light fixture all add to the appeal of the space.

Complementary Cohesiveness

The simple yet interesting design of the tiles in this space serves as spectacular backdrop for all the attention-grabbing details. This makes the bathroom remarkable.

Marvelously Magnetic

This bathroom is saturated in Scandinavian style and its undeniable allure is made possible by its unique style. The accessories surrounding the bathtub make for a beautiful hideaway.

Retreat and Rejuvenation

This space is ready for the weary to come in for some relaxation, rejuvenation and a well-deserved retreat. The vessel sink and faucet are perfect for the stunning countertop.

Dignified Design

This design will motivate you daily to get up, get ready and get out the door. Waking up to the remarkable elements of this dignified design will surely set the pace for your day.

Rock Star Respite

From its grand, free-standing soaking tub to its floor-length mirror, large portrait and chocolate opulence of the space, this is a great space to get your get your rock star on.

Contemporary Convenience

This contemporary delight gives you space to unwind and wash away your cares. The stunning and functional shower is equipped with strategically-placed showerheads for maximum effectiveness.

Superb Sink Area

With its gold accent pieces and interesting tile work, the sink area of this bathroom stands out for all the right reasons.

Divine Design

This cozy space has all the element of opulence to suit even the most discerning taste. The beautiful soaking tub, the plush rug and other accent pieces have combined to create perfection.

Vintage Rustic Awesomeness

This beautiful copper tub, black and white tile work and rustic vanity all combine to contribute to an atmosphere of vintage rustic awesomeness.

Homey Delight

The remarkable design of this bathroom has succeeded in creating a homey vibe that is sure to revitalize the body, mind and spirit. The soothing wall color and the subtle details are a work of art.

Glorious Grandeur

This awesome tub has a canopy-like shower curtain rail that perfectly frames the tub, allowing it to standout in glorious grandeur. The showerhead is truly a statement piece.

Inspired by Bali

From the faucet to the incredibly impressive sink, even this small area of the bathroom can provide the inspiration you need for a truly unique space.

Simplified Elegance

The unique accents and other details of this space make it a true example of simplified elegance. The light fixtures and perfectly-placed mirrors add amazing style.

Quaint Inspiration

There is definitely beauty in simplicity and this space attest to that fact. This tremendously well put together bathroom, with its black and white mosaic tile, is what dreams are made of.

A Touch of Sunshine

The yellow accents in the bathroom offer a breath of freshness to an already beautifully-designed space. This is sure to inject some joy into your day.

Sleekness Personified

Everything about this space gives off a super cool vibe that has the right amount of sleekness for the lovers of contemporary design.

Soothing Sanctuary

This design is a truly remarkable way to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of sorts. The bathtub with its grand shower fixture makes for a gorgeous centerpiece.

Beautiful Blues

If you have to have the blues, this is a wonderful way of doing it. These blues add charm and gorgeousness to the space.

Modern Rustic

Set against dark concrete, this minimal free-standing bathtub provides an ingenious take on modern rustic.