15 Astonishing Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Last updated on May 28, 2024

Ready to splash some style into your bathroom with blue vanities? Here’s how to make the most of those cool oceanic hues to create a bathroom that’s both calming and chic.

navy blue vanity with brass hardware

Navy blue vanity with brass hardware adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom décor. The combination of deep blue tones with warm brass accents creates a luxurious and timeless look. It provides a pop of color while the brass hardware adds a hint of vintage flair, perfect for a classic yet modern bathroom design.

Powder Blue Vanity With Crisp White Countertop

powder blue vanity with crisp white countertop

An elegant powder blue vanity paired with a crisp white countertop adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom design palette.

Blue and Gold Leaf Accents On a Vintage Vanity

blue and gold leaf accents on a vintage vanity

Transform your bathroom with a touch of luxury by incorporating gold leaf accents on a vintage blue vanity. The subtle blend of vintage aesthetics with opulent details creates a stunning focal point in your bathroom design.

Glossy Cobalt Blue Vanity With Silver Fixtures

glossy cobalt blue vanity with silver fixtures

This stunning glossy cobalt blue vanity with silver fixtures adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom space. Its sleek design and vibrant color create a striking focal point in the room, making it a bold choice for those looking to make a statement with their decor. The silver fixtures complement the deep blue hue beautifully, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Perfect for those who want to add a pop of color and style to their bathroom without overwhelming the space.

Teal Blue Floating Vanity With Under-lighting

teal blue floating vanity with under lighting

Enjoy a touch of modern charm with a teal blue floating vanity illuminated by subtle under-lighting fixtures to bring a trendy and stylish vibe to your bathroom space.

Sky Blue Vanity With Mirrored Drawers

sky blue vanity with mirrored drawers

This sky blue vanity with mirrored drawers adds glamour and elegance to your bathroom space, reflecting light beautifully and creating an illusion of space.

Matte Blue Vanity With Matte Black Faucets

matte blue vanity with matte black faucets

Pairing a matte blue vanity with matte black faucets creates a sleek and modern look with a touch of sophistication.

Deep Ocean Blue Vanity With Marble Top

deep ocean blue vanity with marble top

Elevate your bathroom with a deep ocean blue vanity featuring a luxurious marble top. The rich blue color adds depth and sophistication, while the marble top exudes elegance and luxury, creating a stunning focal point in your bathroom.

Blue Shiplap Vanity With Rustic Wood Countertop

blue shiplap vanity with rustic wood countertop

The blue shiplap vanity with a rustic wood countertop adds a charming coastal feel to your bathroom. It combines the classic look of shiplap with the warmth of natural wood for a cozy and inviting space.

Sapphire Blue Vanity With Stained Glass Cabinet Doors

sapphire blue vanity with stained glass cabinet doors

Get ready to elevate your bathroom with a touch of elegance and uniqueness by incorporating a sapphire blue vanity featuring stunning stained glass cabinet doors, adding a luxurious and sophisticated vibe to your space.

Blue Weathered Wood Vanity for Coastal Theme

blue weathered wood vanity for coastal theme

Achieve a coastal-themed bathroom with a weathered wood vanity that adds a touch of beachy charm to your space.

Baby Blue Double-sink Vanity With Open Shelving

baby blue double sink vanity with open shelving

This baby blue double-sink vanity with open shelving adds a touch of freshness and functionality to your bathroom space. The open shelves provide easy access to towels and toiletries, while the soft blue color creates a calming and stylish atmosphere.

Blue-gray Pedestal Vanity With Pearl Accents

blue gray pedestal vanity with pearl accents

Picture a charming blue-gray pedestal vanity adorned with delicate pearl accents, bringing an elegant touch to your bathroom space.

Soft Blue Vanity With Floral Porcelain Sink

soft blue vanity with floral porcelain sink

This soft blue vanity features a delicate floral porcelain sink, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your bathroom space. A perfect choice for those who appreciate intricate details in their design choices. The floral porcelain sink enhances the overall aesthetic of the vanity, creating a unique focal point in your bathroom. Brighten up your mornings with this beautiful and whimsical addition to your bathroom decor. Ideal for those looking to infuse a sense of beauty and sophistication into their daily routine.

Aqua Blue Vanity With Integrated LED Lights

aqua blue vanity with integrated led lights

Imagine a whimsical touch to your bathroom space with an Aqua blue vanity illuminated by integrated LED lights for a futuristic and stylish look.


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