21 Gorgeous & Feminine Pink Powder Room Ideas

Last updated on October 16, 2023

Here are gorgeous feminine ideas for creating a beautiful pink powder room. Read on!

A pink powder room is a timeless and feminine design that can be styled with pattern wallpapers and pink wall tiles.

Items that complement this style include unique decor pieces like wicker baskets, framed art prints, crystal chandeliers, lush green plants, and bold colors.

I want to emphasize the use of patterns in pink colors. An all-pink room doesn’t mean it’s tacky anymore.

Using different shades of pink (especially the subtle pale tones) and lots of patterns can contribute to a stunning decor.

Saul Cerni, Editor

For a modern touch, use sleek chrome fixtures and accessories such as eye-catching artwork or an attractive light fixture to add personality to the space.

From wall colors to furniture and accessories, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to create a stunning space in the following ideas.

Hamptons-Style Pink Powder Room

This pink powder room is a classic Hamptons-style design. The walls are painted in a soft blush pink, and the space is filled with elegant touches like a window seat and luxurious accents.

The room’s inviting atmosphere makes it ideal for family gatherings or special occasions. Add some unique decor ideas to complete the look, such as wicker baskets, framed art prints, and crystal chandeliers.

Tiny Powder Room

This pink powder room design is the perfect combination of elegance and style. It features a stunning millennial pink palette, wainscoting, wallpaper for subtle texture, and the perfect finishing touch.

A large guest loo is framed by a beautiful carpet, adding a luxurious feel to this space. The interior design scheme communicates a modern and inviting ambiance that impresses guests.

Plant-Filled Pink Powder Room

The walls are painted a soft blush hue, and the decor features tropical accents like lush green plants and bold, vibrant colors.

For a modern touch, the design includes sleek chrome fixtures and accessories. A large mirror provides an open feel to the room while also reflecting light throughout.

Parisian Vanity

This pink powder room design is a modern classic, with antique brass fixtures and a custom-made porcelain basin. The walls are adorned with Gucci wallpaper, while the brass taps and other hardware have a beautiful patina finish.

The overall look is luxurious yet timeless, perfect for any dream home.

Floral Wallpaper

The pink powder room is a delightful and dreamy space. It features pink floral wallpaper that covers the walls, creating a sense of warmth and comfort.

The wallpaper is complemented by delicate accents, such as white trim and gold fixtures, for an elegant look. The room also has plenty of storage space to organize your items.

Hot Pink, Tangerine, and White

Bold shades of pink, orange, and white create a modern and cheerful space perfect for any home.

The walls are painted deep pink, creating a dramatic backdrop, while the trim is highlighted with playful orange and crisp white accents. A statement wallpaper in an equestrian print adds texture and interest to the room, making it ideal for those who love horses.

The bright color palette continues with bright accents like a chandelier, colorful rug, or stylish decor on shelves or storage baskets. Touches of southern styles, such as warm wood tones or floral prints, make the room feel cozy and inviting.

Floral Countertop Skirt

This pink powder room design is truly stunning. The walls are painted in a soft blush hue, while the designer Beata Heuman has added sophistication with elegant gold accents and luxurious velvet furnishings.

The space is illuminated by a beautiful chandelier, adding glamour to the room. Paul Raeside’s photography for Architectural Digest captures the beauty of this powder room perfectly.

Pink Gold Powder Room

The pink powder room is a beautiful, vibrant space with modern yet cozy gold accents. The walls are painted in a light shade of blush pink, and the floor is covered with an intricate white tile pattern.

A sleek white vanity sits against one wall, with a large round mirror framed in gold. The ceiling has recessed lighting for bright illumination when needed.

Pink Bathroom

This subtle pink bathroom design is a luxurious, modern space perfect for pampering and relaxation. The walls are painted in a soft shade of pink, with white subway tile lining the lower half for an eye-catching contrast.

A marble bathroom countertop adds an elegant touch, while cushion tiles on the floor give it an extra layer of style and comfort.

Sprayed Gloss Walls and Matching Woodwork

This pink powder room design is a stunning combination of gloss finish and modern decor. The walls have been given glossy spray paint, creating a vibrant yet sleek look that will turn heads.

The center of the room features an elegant powder room vanity with intricate detailing and modern embellishments, while a soft pink hue brings warmth and brightness to the entire space.

Fabulous Feathers

The walls are painted in a beautiful pink lacquer, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. At the same time, the room’s feature is the feather window treatment.

A marble vanity with gold fixtures stands out against the vibrant hue, while an ornate mirror adds a touch of glamour. To complete the look, the floor is tiled in white with accents of black and gray for contrast.

Pink Herringbone Tile

Picture Perfect pink powder room
Source: @insideideas

The walls are tiled in a delicate shade of pink herringbone tiles, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.

A white vanity with gold accents is the room’s focal point, providing an elegant touch to the overall look.

For extra glamour, there are beautiful wall sconces that provide ambient lighting. There are decorative details like gold mirrors and luxurious towels for an added luxury touch.

Industrial Pink

"The Loft" pink powder room
Source: @carriefade

The walls and floors are tiled in a soft, blush-pink hue that creates a soothing atmosphere in an otherwise cold industrial-style bathroom.

Pink Accent Wall

This stunning pink powder room design has an incredibly chic vibe. Everything about this room is utterly captivating, from the beautiful blush accent wall in herringbone tile to the stylish decor.

Accented with a classic white vanity and soft lighting, it creates a luxurious atmosphere of sophistication. The attention to detail in the accents and accessories is impressive, from the vintage mirror frames to the artfully placed plants.

Pink Tile and Wallpaper Combo

Pink Tile and Wallpaper Combo pink powder room
Source: @diymom.ca

The walls are a soft blush pink shade, and the tile flooring is also in a light pink hue. A bold floral wallpaper decorates the upper half of one wall, adding a pop of color and texture to the space.

Floral-Adorned Powder Room

A pink powder room designed by acclaimed interior designer Martin Brudnizki is a standout feature at the renowned Annabel’s private members club in London.

The room is adorned with florals and hints of romantic femininity throughout its whimsical design.

Soft, subtle hues of blush and rose to characterize the overall color palette, making it a warm and inviting space— perfect for getting ready or just relaxing.

Pattern Wallpaper

A pink powder room design is a bright and cheerful space perfect for any home. The pink wallpaper features an eye-catching print from Lilly Pulitzer.

Lee Jofa’s luxury finishes complete the look with elegant accents. A custom vanity with a marble countertop and gold fixtures adds a touch of glamour to this beautiful space.

Mirrors line the wall, and sparkling chandeliers hang from the ceiling, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests.

Millennial Pink

This pink powder room design is truly a showstopper with its elegant millennial pink walls, glossy pink countertop, and stylish bathroom fixtures.

The combination of pink accents and innovative features makes this bathroom design one you won’t miss.

From the sparkly mirrors to the beautiful framed artwork, it will take your breath away and make your guests feel like they are in a spa-like space.

Small Tile

The small tile in blush pink makes a pretty accent wall in this bathroom. The oversize mirror juxtaposes the subtlety of the vanity design.

Wall Artwork

This pink powder room design is full of modern elegance and charm. Featuring Sherwin Williams’ Oleaner paint in a soft pink hue, the walls create a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

The vanity is made of white marble with gold accents, adding an air of sophistication to the room. A large mirror framed in gold brings light and brightness to the space while also reflecting the warm tones of the walls.

Modern Glamour with a Vintage Touch

This pink powder room is a glamorous modern design with a vintage touch. The walls are painted in a soft blush hue, and the room is adorned with black and white photos for an elegant contrast.

A statement mirror with metallic accents hangs above the sink, adding to the luxurious feel of the space.


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