24 Easy DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans for a Quick Remodel

Last updated on October 18, 2023

A DIY bathroom vanity is a great way to revamp your bathroom rather easily. After all, the vanity is most likely the focal point of your entire bathroom decor. Here are 24 easy DIY bathroom vanity plans with tutorials.

Every DIY-er deserves a treat from time to time. You have probably done a lot of DIY projects, but perhaps they have all been necessities rather than something for yourself, and that needs to change.

You deserve a moment to just do something for yourself, and you can do that with a DIY bathroom vanity (or a DIY medicine cabinet). Now, people need a few choices to choose from, so the following will showcase 24 DIY projects worth your time. It is up to you to figure out which one is best suited for your home or tastes, and be sure to just have fun with it!

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DIY Bathroom Vanity IKEA Hack

Ikea offers a wide variety of sinks, and some of them are quite small. Those who do not have a lot of space in the bathroom might love this Ikea hack. All you need is one of their smaller sinks and DIY skills to turn a few wood pieces into a stylish vanity.

Farmhouse Style DIY Bathroom Vanity

All you really need to purchase is a piece of furniture or a dresser, and paint it white. The farmhouse sink needs to fit the dresser, so make sure it fits. The kicker here is finding a tub-like sink, which adds a touch of playfulness rarely afforded to bathroom vanities.

Wooden DIY Bathroom Vanity

Woodsy vanities are great and timeless. You are going to need a few things like four 2 3/4″ posts and 29″ long wood pieces, just to name a few things. Of course, you are going to need a number of your trusted tools to get this project done and ivory bowl sinks, to top it all of.

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Bathroom Vanity

Your makeup and tools can be placed in beautiful pottery barn inspired vanity. Granted, the pottery barn look is not usually associated with vanities, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. All you need is a little patience and your DIY skills.

Small DIY Bathroom Vanity

Sometimes, all you really want is a smaller vanity, and you can do this with some plywood and vanity legs. The project is not too hard, and you can make a number of them if you need to fill a large space. Remember, the mirror will be hanging, which should make this project easier.

Repurposed DIY Bathroom Vanity

How to make a  repurposed vanity
Tutorial: atozcustomcreations.net

Nothing beats repurposing a piece of furniture and breathing new life into it. Many DIY-ers love the feeling of being able to see beyond what others might. What you are going to need is a base like old sewing furniture. Most of these have a lot of character, and all you need to do is buy a sink that fits your base.

Double DIY Bathroom Vanity

This bathroom vanity requires some thick pieces of plywood, wood boards, a large mirror, and vessel sinks. The sinks will be ivory, and the counter will end up having a dark blue hue, which should look great. It may take some time to complete, but it will be worth the trouble.

Open Shelf DIY Bathroom Vanity

How to make a  open shelf vanity
Tutorial: h2obungalow.com

This vanity boasts two glass sinks that sit on top of a few shelves. The shelves are made of wood pieces that are completed with a dark stain to give it that rustic bathroom looks most homes should have. Just a little patience is all you need to create a great vanity.

DIY Bathroom Vanity with Shelves

A few pine boards are needed to make these bathroom vanity shelves. Not only does the design have an open look, but it is also unique. Not many people are expecting this type of vanity, making your bathroom unforgettable, which is something that you want.

Wall Mount Sink DIY Bathroom Vanity

Those who have a sink that is mounted on the wall know that it does not always have an appealing look, which is the reason you should consider the wall mount vanity. It gives you counter and storage space while beautifying your bathroom. You just need to apply your DIY skills, and you are done.

Rustic DIY Bathroom Vanity

There are times when your makeup station needs a little style. Nothing says contemporary style like the rustic look. You can accomplish this with some of your DIY skills and a number of boards. Your bathroom is definitely going to look like a whole new room, which you are going to love.

Dresser DIY Bathroom Vanity

Everyone loves the ‘dresser turned vanity’ look. The style has definitely caught on like fire. Paying to have this look done professionally could get expensive, so why not make it yourself? Just purchase the sink first to make sure it fits the cabinet measurement of the dresser you are considering.

DIY Bathroom Vanity From Old Dining Table

How to make a  bathroom vanity from an old dining table
Tutorial: makelyhome.com

This kitchen table vanity idea will nicely suit people who do not have a large space to work around with for their bathroom vanity ideas. A small table sink with a small backsplash attached to it and all of it done with a repurposed second-hand wooden table. There is some work involved. You will have to sand the factory finish on the skirt boards of the table, get the right measurements and cut up the skirt board according to them, paint and install the finished piece, etc.

However, you do not need any special skill and although some effort is involved, it’ll be a fun experience, especially if you can get some of your other family members (kids, in particular) to join in the project and lend you a hand.

Point to note: You must pay special attention to the legs of the old table you would work with and ensure that you like their designs.

Floating Wood DIY Bathroom Vanity

This is somewhat of a larger project and will take time. However, we mention it since we especially like the idea of how you can make your bathroom a more functional one, particularly in cases where you have a large bathroom space and you feel that all of that space is not properly used. In the current DIY idea, a large guest bathroom is redesigned as a bathroom and laundry space combo.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to have some experience as a DIYer to get yourself through the project. However, if you do take up the challenge even as a beginner DIYer, you will get to learn a host of new skills (such as framing, mudding, drywalling and more) and it will stand you in good stead for many of your future projects. We like the tutorial too, which is broken up into four parts and guides you through all the intricacies of this project.

Build a Custom DIY Bathroom Vanity

This is a one-piece bathroom vanity project and the idea involved is a pretty simple one, too. This custom woodwork vanity idea also comes handy since it allows you to build your own bathroom vanity piece—customized according to your particular requirements and the space you have at your disposal. The project uses oak plywood for the vanity, but if you want to make it more spectacular, you may as well go for solid oak boards (that, of course, will make the cost of the project go up a few notches, but if you can afford it, why not?!).

Check the tutorial for the details and as it is mentioned there, pay special attention to your existing plumbing fixtures before you draw up your plan. This will save you the trouble of making any post-alterations.

DIY Bathroom Vanity From a Side Table

As it is with bathroom vanities, you can always go and buy an attractive piece from a home decoration store or site. However (and this is the raison d’être of this article), if you are not in a mood to splurge, you can always get your own beautiful vanity piece at a fraction of a cost than what you pay for readymade bought ones.

The current tutorial perfectly showcases how you can save some precious bucks as long as you have a good idea and are ready to spend some time to find the right pieces at easy prices. As you’ll find from the tutorial, this may take some time and effort, but it’ll be worth it considering all the money you will get to save through that. As for the details on how you should go about this vanity idea, please check the simple, clear and crisp instructions given in the tutorial.

DIY Double Bathroom Vanity

As the name suggests, this is a larger vanity project with the piece having a set of drawers in the middle and two large sideboards on each side. It does not use legs and adding a backsplash is optional, but of course, it will look so much better if you do add one (as is evident from the picture of the finished vanity given in the tutorial). The central piece is fashioned out of birch plywood boards and you will need to have some woodworking skills to finish the project (or, you can have someone with the necessary skills, like some friend or close neighbor, to help you with and oversee the project).

DIY Master Bathroom Vanity Makeover From Scratch

The ‘Before & After’ pics given right at the start of this tutorial will be enough to make you fall for this bathroom makeover idea. However, this idea is more suited to DIYers who, at least, have medium levels of skills on completing projects such as these. The tutorial provides a thorough step-by-step guide (with ample pictures) to help you navigate through all the intricacies of the project. Follow them to the tee and we are sure you will be well off at the end of it all!

Fence Board DIY Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

If you are looking for a small budget bathroom makeover idea, this fence board cabinet with a unique vessel sink as the focal point of the piece should be ideal for you. For this fence board project, old wood was repurposed to give the vanity piece a unique rustic feel. However, small though it may be, it is another of those ‘from the scratch’ ideas and as such, you need to take a number of things into considerations. Please check the tutorial for all the details you’ll need to know so you can pull off this project safely and satisfactorily.

DIY Butcher Block Bathroom Vanity

This is another small vanity piece that is beautifully designed to act as the focal point of your bathroom space. This one will be more suited for smaller bathrooms but can as well be used for larger spaces. The smaller vanity piece with an open underneath helps make the bathroom feel bigger and less cluttered.

So, if larger, bulky cabinets aren’t exactly the thing for you, do check out this vanity idea. Plus, the fact the butcher block top (the focal point of the piece) was repurposed from a leftover piece from a kitchen renovation project makes the idea so much more appealing! If you don’t have one right at hand, you can always find a good one at a great price from any of the garage sales.

Reclaimed Cabinet Turned DIY Bathroom Vanity

We simply love this idea for the degree of innovation involved in it. The tutorial shows how to turn an old and antique (but a somewhat dirty and not very appealing) cabinet piece into a nice bathroom vanity. The project does not involve a lot of work and some basic DIY skills would be enough to tide you through it. We especially like the elegantly rustic touch created by that old cabinet piece (now repurposed).

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Bathroom Vanity Sink Console

We absolutely love this one for the versatility of this piece. This console vanity includes a cabinet with an open space underneath, a marble top and a sink all in one (and you can add in a backsplash if you want). Also appealing is the contrast between the modern look of the marble top and the rustic feel of the cabinet. Please follow the instructions closely to pull through this great DIY Bathroom Vanity project.

$35 DIY Wood Bathroom Vanity

If the title does not sound too reasonable, please read through the tutorial and you will see that it is indeed possible to get a wood countertop at that price bracket. This idea is not a one-off bathroom vanity, but part of a total bathroom makeover project. But be that as it may, you can as well make good of this idea to get a great accent piece for your bathroom.

Simple Gray DIY Bathroom Vanity

Finally, this simple gray bath vanity which can be pulled through by pretty much anyone. Just read through the instructions given in the tutorial and you will find how easy it is really to build this bathroom vanity piece that looks elegant enough as well. As mentioned in the article, however, go for bottom corner mount slides and not under-mount slides for the drawer.


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