Bathrooms have come a long way since the initial days of indoor plumbing. What was once a utilitarian nod to the necessities of life has become one of the most carefully-designed and decorated spaces in the entire home. Far from being hidden away, the modern bathroom has become a monument of creativity and taste.

With the advent of newer, more unique fixtures, the old water closet has become a bathroom spa that serves as a place for contemplation and relaxation. It is, quite simply, the new refuge from all of the pressures of modern life.

The Wood Look But Tile

What could be better than to have the fabulous look of distressed wood in your bathroom but still retain the superior durability and ease of maintenance that tile offers?

Pebble Mosaic Walls

The combination of river rock walls and an assembly of the most modern and stylish bathroom fixtures goes together far better than you could possibly imagine.

Geometric Perfection

There is just enough of everything in this project. Just enough alignment. Just enough contrast. Just enough coverage. Knowing when to stop is so important when designing anything.

Complement The Space

Rehabbing old bathrooms requires an adjustment to the parameters that are already in place, structurally speaking. Take what you currently have and build upon it.

A Burst of Color

One way of maximizing impact is to concentrate it onto a specific surface rather than spread it all around the room in bits and pieces of hue and texture.

The MOMA Effect

It’s hard to know what the Museum of Modern Art thinks about this. Should they sue for plagiarism or should they copy it for themselves. In either case, it’s just super.

Modern Rustic

Bathroom fashion can be found everywhere. In this understated example of elegance, rustic elements are used in modern design that work just so right.

Meanwhile Back in the Old Country

This charmingly eclectic combination of farmhouse chic and modern spa bathroom comes from the Netherlands. As is often the case, challenging the rules produces amazing results.

New Possibilities Via New Products

This perfectly epitomizes the idea that modern spa bathrooms don’t have to look anything at all like, well, bathrooms. Just gazing in awe at this creation might be refreshment enough.

Pairing the Plain and the Exotic

Take a number of fairly mundane elements. Use them to imaginative effect in concert with a few well-chosen forays into boldness and you get an effective and affordable solution.

Oh, That Floor

Minimalism rules in this fantastically muted excursion into less-is-better design. The deliberate two tone nature of the project meshes nicely with that single splash of color and that incomparable floor. Bravo.

When in Rome

You can almost hear Vesuvius rumbling in the distance as you gaze upon the tile and masonry work that evokes a bygone era of elegance and comfort. It could be ten below zero outside and this room would still be warm and welcoming.

Finding Harmony in Careful Dissonance

One automatically assumes that there is, or ought to be, a discernible pattern to tile work. Yet this clever take on an upstairs water closet proves once again that rules are made to be broken– at least sometimes.

Reimagining What is Already There

Not every bathroom is a candidate for a zilion-dollar makeover. Sometimes you can still produce superior results even with modest means and careful planning.

Rock Texture

Here we have an amazing little guest bath from the Kiwis. The beautifully rock-textured wall and the brilliant use of modern lighting techniques makes this something that seems more suitable for an altar than a wash basin.

Emerald and Aqua

While muted tones and limited palettes are increasingly in vogue, this one deploys tasteful accents to bring life and personality into what would be an otherwise sedate space.

No Grapes of Wrath in Here

This studious update of a 1930s style bathroom perfectly illustrates the maxim that there is a beautiful calm that comes after every storm.

MakeĀ a Lot Out of a Little Space

Spas are as much about ambiance as they are about spaciousness. Getting the tactile and visual sensations correct can turn any nook into an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

Comfort Corner

Another ode to small space designing that artfully exploits the promising freshness of green shoots as a set-off against the timelessness of tile.

Right Through the Heart

The faux barnwood tile is an excellent selection for this shower enclosure. Driving a pillar of faux rockwork right down the middle of it is a bold and inspired move that few would dare to contemplate.