Staying up to date with the latest styles in your home decor is very committing and expensive, and to most people it’s downright impractical. But now and then you can take a look at what’s new and revisit your decor decisions. Spring is a very good time to do that as it’s time to clean up and freshen up your home.

Yesterday we talked about the latest home decor styles in general, and today we’re taking a look at bathroom decor specifically, which desperately needs updating in most households. If you’re ready for a little refreshing of your bathroom style, here are 10 ideas for you.

Calm Colors

Should you decide to remodel the bathroom entirely, choose calm and cool colors. This year we can see a lot of whites, as well as muted blue and green hues in the latest bathroom decor styles.

Tile Patterns


Interesting tile patterns are making a more frequent appearance as a way to make an accent. If you feel adventurous, you can choose tiles in intricate patterns instead of the traditional rectangles.

Big Tiles

Alternatively, over-sized tiles are also on a trend and you can choose them for a more subtle approach. Big tiles are easier to clean and make the space look bigger, so there’s all the more reason to go for it.

Natural Materials

Bringing nature to the bathroom is gaining popularity as a way to create your own home spa. Materials like wood, rocks and pebbles create rustic bathroom style and make it softer, even a little luxurious. A simple way to add this style is a DIY pebble mat, or even filling up a tray with pebbles for accessory storage.

Metallic Accents

Metallic faucets, fixtures, sink finishes, mirror frames and accessories have been popular in recent years and they are here to stay. So if you haven’t used these accents in your decor, now is as good a time as any.

Live Plants

We’ve been talking about bringing live plants to the bathroom lately, and we continue to do so because it’s a great way to add depth and freshness to bathroom decor as much as any other room. Of course, you probably need to have a bathroom with a window to do so.

Wood Finishes

Wood cabinet finishes are in, not only bringing new color and patterns but doing it in a subtle way, which is all about this year. So if you need to switch out old cabinets or vanity, do so with wooden furniture.

Pops of Pink

We can see some playful trends in bathroom decor this spring too. Adding some pops of pink is a fun way to play with your decor so feel free to do it with flowers, towels, other accessories, even liquid soap.

Angular Elements



Round sinks and tubs have been in style for years, now we can see more angular elements making a lot of appearance too. Try adding some of them to your bathroom too, be it a new sink, or just a new mirror.

Open Shelving

Open shelving, especially in small bathrooms are getting more popular, and it’s the perfect way to add more of those moody soft hues to the style with accessories and stacking towels. So get those IKEA shelves ready if you have some empty wall space.

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