10 Bathtub Alternatives Even Your Spouse Will Approve

Last updated on November 14, 2023

Want to ditch the bathtub in your home? What are the alternatives? Consider every single option to make a sound decision. You’re making the right choice!

Having a bathtub or not in the bathroom is as dividing as Vegemite or cilantro. Some people can’t live without the tub, others say it’s unnecessary (with the former camp being a bit larger.) If you’re here, I take it you’re either in the latter camp or you’re on the fence.

Look, I’ve lived in a home with only a shower for quite a few years. And if it wasn’t for my wife, I would have kept it that way. We had a large walk-in shower for all that free space and I loved it.

If you need to convince your significant other to have an alternative to the traditional bathtub, we have 10 great options to do the trick. And something tells me it will do the trick.

Now, some of these options aren’t that different from the traditional bathtub. We wanted to cover all bases with this list. So we even have a small soaking tub, a drop-in tub, and even a jacuzzi as alternatives. Then there are real alternatives such as the portable tub, the shower, and even the sauna.

We have included shopping links as examples for each option so you can see them in action. If you decide to buy, we will get a commission (at no extra expense to you.)

Enjoy these alternatives. We hope they will give you a couple of aces to have up your sleeve for your next family meeting.

Small Bathtub

If you live in a tiny home, it can be hard to find a room for a regular bath. You may want to consider a small soaking tub if you fail to find the best option for your bathroom. You might be surprised how useful a small bath can be for your small bathroom.

Small baths can actually be tiny and fit in most bathrooms. In some cases, tubs like this are only big enough to squeeze one person into. This means that it might feel a little tight inside. You would not have the luxury of a conventional bath, but many people will find that better than nothing.

Sunken Bathtub

A sunken bath (a.k.a. drop-in bath) is another choice you may want to think about. This is essentially a bath sunk into the concrete of the bathroom foundation. You’re going to bring it to the floor, so you don’t have to think about space. This solution can be pretty good, and some very cool bathrooms can be built with this approach.

Very nice sunken baths can look wonderful if you install them correctly. You won’t have to think about the bath that touches the walls as you sink into the concrete. This approach would entail renovating a home, so it won’t be the easiest option you might use.

Portable Bathtub

Portable baths are available on the market that you can buy if you want. In fact, these bathtubs are tiny and can fit in any room. These portable units are also used by people outside. Many want to take the portable baths to campsites to keep themselves refreshed.


shower enclosure
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Perhaps the most realistic solution to the bathroom is only to have a shower. Showers are a bit better than baths because they don’t take up as much room. You can install a shower in a much smaller space, making it more convenient than a bathroom. For this reason, showers in smaller bathrooms are far more popular than other alternatives.

Granted, taking a shower is not the same as taking a bath. The idea, though, is to be cleaned up and comfortable. Both baths and showers are ways of doing this, so a shower may definitely be viewed as an alternative to a bathroom. There are people who want to take baths so much that they are not ready to have only a shower alone in their home, though. If you’re the one who loves to pamper themselves in a long bath after a hard day, you’ll skip this option.

Shower Chair or Bench

There are cases where people don’t need baths. People often have medical conditions or disabilities that prohibit them from taking a shower. This can be frustrating if the only possible way to stay clean in the shower. The solution is a shower chair or a bench that can be added to a larger walk-in shower.

Inflatable Bathtub

Inflatable bathtubs might be weird, but it’s an option. They are portable as well. If you can look past the temporary look of it, it is an option as a last resort and a cheap alternative.


jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub
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Who does not like a feeling of relaxation and massage? You can put the benefits of the spa and a hot tub into your own bathroom with a whirlpool-style bath (or a jet bath spa). Relax in your very own jacuzzi after a hard day without having to venture outside your house. It’s definitely a luxurious alternative to the bathtub.

Unique Bathtub Designs

If you are looking for something that goes against the grain, that looks different from the rounded bathrooms of yesteryear — a corner bath could meet your needs. Angular baths have sharp edges on the outside, giving your bathroom a more sleek look. They may also be larger if the inside removes the rounded edges that often take up room in conventional bathrooms.

Walk in Tub

A walk-in bath is an enclosed tub with a waterproof door. The door closes, the tub is filled with water, and the person opens the door and walks out safely after he has drained the bath.

While several models are larger than wide, various models and configurations are available to satisfy virtually every consumer and housing requirement.


Sauna is a Finnish term that means a wood room. The inside temperature varies from 70 to 100°C. A bathroom or part of a house can be made into a sauna. Visit the sauna, warm up your body, and then cool down in a tub, pool, or lake once a week to maintain health and improve your body. Sauna has social and spiritual importance in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Moreover, research shows the health benefits of the sauna.

There are various types of saunas, which vary by form and origin. The most famous sauna is the Finnish sauna, an arid, high-temperature wooden room. There are no smells but fresh birch and natural tar in the typical dimly lit Finnish sauna. In a traditional Finnish sauna, the ideal temperature is above 70° C when a person is sitting. Humidity in the sauna is regulated by throwing water on heated rocks.


How do you soak without a bathtub?

Not having a bathtub of course poses a challenge if you want to soak in water. But as an alternative, you can create a steam shower, get an inflatable or portable bathtub, or build a sauna in your home.

Do you really need a bathtub in your house?

Generally speaking, no, there’s no need to have a bathtub in a house. You may have a shower (or another alternative) only and that would be sufficient. But if you want to increase the value of your house (if you plan to ever sell it), or if you a person who enjoys spa experience, a bathtub may be a must.

Does replacing bath with shower devalue a house?

A bathtub can be considered an item of luxury, so yes, replacing it would devalue a house. A better alternative would be keeping the bathtub and installing a shower as an addition.

Can I turn my shower into a bathtub?

You can do it as a renovation project. The shower pan can replaced into a tub, thus making it a fully functional bath.

What do you do with bath salts without a bath?

They can be used as a shower scrub. Also, consider shower bombs that will release aromas as you shower.


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