The Types of Spa Jets [7 Types and Styles]

Last updated on October 17, 2023

Here are the main seven types of spa jets you can find in hot tubs and jet bathtubs. Use this guide to identify your spa jets. Read on!

With no way of knowing what type of jet you already own, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that works well for you. The spa jets consist of several parts. A jet body attaches to the tub and is locked with an O-ring seal and it has connectors for water and air pipes. The body houses the diffuser insert, the escutcheon, and the nozzles.

The reason why it may be hard to identify the jet systems is that there are many different types of spa jets out there. They also come in countless combinations of jet type, size, color, designs, etc.

In general, most styles of hot tub jets are compatible with each other so long as they are the exact same size. Most jets can be removed simply by turning them clockwise, and you probably don’t need any tools at all. This makes identifying them for replacement easier.

The way the jet looks and works defines what type it can be classified under, regardless of its size or style. These are the main types. Use these to identify the correct replacement jets for your tub.

Rotational Jet

Rotational jets move air and water in circular motions. They are usually found in high-end spas.

Directional Jet

The center part of the directional jet moves air and water in one direction. Usually, it has one port in the middle of the jet. The other ports are on both sides of the center port.

A directional jet works by directing the flow of air and water through a nozzle. This creates an area of high pressure that pushes the surrounding air or water away from the nozzle.

Pulsator Jet

A pulsator jet consists of a central section with at least two openings. After applying water pressure, the center section rotates freely, alternately filling one side and then another. A centerpiece may also include a straight bar running across the middle of the face that rotates when water pressure is applied. This creates a water stream pulsating action.

Multi-massage Jet

A massage jet stream is formed by several small holes dividing the water into individual streams. The jets can be directed to any part of your body, and you can choose which areas to focus on.

The massage jets are powered by a pump that circulates water through the holes in the base of the unit. You control the speed of this circulation with a dial on the top of the unit.

This machine usually has two settings: normal and deep pressure. When you turn it on, you will hear a low hum as the jets circulate the water.

Cluster Jet

Most cluster jet systems do not include any kind of nozzles and therefore cannot be adjusted. They essentially consist of an open channel where the water flows through.

Portable Jet

Unlike other types of jets that are built into the tub (Jacuzzi), a portable jet bath spa is a gadget that attaches to the regular bathtub. It allows you to have more options than just using the jets built into the tub. You can use them to turn your bath into a Jacuzzi.

There are three types of portable jets available; the standard portable jet, the adjustable portable jet, and the variable speed portable jet.

Spa Jet Mat

Similar to the portable jet, you can use the jet mat in a regular tub. It consists of a massage mat with an array of nozzles that create the jet spa effect by pushing water through the nozzles.


Are all hot tub jets the same?

Not quite. There are many different styles of spa jets, but they all work similarly. However, some are better suited to certain applications.

How do I know if my spa jets are working correctly?

You should be able to see bubbles coming out of the jets. If you can’t see any bubbles, check the filter. Make sure there aren’t clogs in the filter before replacing the filters.

How many jets do you need in a spa?

You don’t necessarily need to buy extra jets for your spa. The number of jets you need depends on the size of your spa. For example, if you have a large Jacuzzi tub, such as a whirlpool tub, you might want to add up to four jets.


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