25 Unusual Kitchens That Will Inspire Your Next Makeover

Last updated on April 9, 2024

These 25 unusual kitchens provide you with many styles on which to base your design.

If you live in the country or the city, if you want a large or small space, you will find what you seek here. The light fixtures, the cabinets, and the counters all provide options and selections that will help you put together your dream kitchen. When designing your own kitchen, doing lots of research is important.

Researching for a remodel or a new construction requires hours of thought, searching, and contemplation. Each person has their own unique idea of what the perfect kitchen will look like upon completion, whether it’s a modern contemporary or rustic farmhouse kitchen, or a different combination of styles entirely.

To complete your kitchen and ensure your satisfaction, you will want to create lists, collages, and even paint samples. The best way to ensure you are going to be satisfied with the competition is to ensure you’ve put your heart into the planning.

Branch Beam for Pendant Lights

branch beam for pendant lights

The unique light fixture provides a DIY look that brings together the pantry and refrigerator. The light and bright colors and countertop space provide a comfortable gathering area.

Aquarium Kitchen Counter

aquarium kitchen counter

This is the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette pad. The aquarium centerpiece provides a conversation piece. The sharp lines draw the eye to this unique aquarium kitchen island. This kitchen is perfect for the beach lover or squab diver.

Classic and Classy

classic and classy

This classic country kitchen is slightly understated. The beige colored cabinets give the room a quiet country look. The clock and chandler add a touch of elegance to bring this room together.

Very Open Shelving

very open shelving

This modern contemporary kitchen provides unique lighting and shelf space designed to provide functionality and a California kitchen look. The sharp white countertops are perfect for serving guests and hosting parties.

Minimalist Shelves and Greenery

minimalist shelves and greenery

This simple yet functional sink space with shelves provides a unique look. The green plants elevate mood and purify the air. Positive energy emanates from this sink space.

Abstract Art

abstract art

The abstract art within this kitchen space creates a dynamic design. From the seating to the sink the sharp design brings together the room as a masterpiece of art.

Eclectic Kitchen Cabinets

eclectic kitchen cabinets

The green cabinets and copper accents bring together this country kitchen with the appearance of a professional chef’s home. The glass doors and deep farmhouse sink make this an ideal kitchen for anyone.

Rustic Coastal Design

rustic coastal design

The bright light of this white classical kitchen brings you home to grandma’s house. From the small early 1900’s stove to the soft wood tones, this kitchen is the perfect island kitchen.

Modern Art Deco

modern art deco

This sharp black and white, two tone, kitchen is ideal for a graduate student or young adult. The lighting fixture provides a flair of decoration and the plant provides a touch of style, too.



This space uses the old walls to create a unique look. Together with the stainless steel cabinets this kitchen is perfect for a loft or renovated inner city apartment.

Geo Art Accents

geo art accents

The bright blue kitchen cabinets provide a sharp accent that flows well with the stove and counter backsplash. This simple look provides a great idea to create charm in a small space.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

rustic farmhouse style

A unique country kitchen using the original brick for the stove backdrop. The word work for the cabinets helps bring together the farm look in this tiny kitchen space.

Unique Walls

unique walls

The unique wallpaper creates a type of musical artistic look. Together with the whitewashed door this kitchen provides a unique artistic experience for the cook who calls this kitchen home.

Extravagant Kitchen Design

extravagant kitchen design

The title and lighting in this kitchen provide a look that screams large family ruled by a powerful matriarch. The cabinetry space is ideal for a large family. Keeping with the family charm, this country kitchen will make any mother overjoyed.

Tiled Backsplash with Shelving

tiled backsplash with shelving

This small counter space provides a unique shelf space decorated with unique tiles. The shelf space creates room where there would otherwise not be any.

Natural Wood Design

natural wood design

This modern kitchen provides stainless steel appliances and a large uniquely designed island. The black and white creates depth and the unique tile backdrop along with the light fixture provide a little added color.

Lego Inspired

lego inspired

This Lego inspired island provides a great space for parents to monitor their children’s online activity. The white space provides a backdrop that helps the colors to pop.



This kitchen provides a unique style with a theme of curves. From the ying-yang shelf space to the rounded counters, this kitchen provides both a functional design and a unique view, that’s pleasurable to the eye.

Geo Art Design

geo art design

This simple kitchen space appears to be designed for the eye. From the simple red faucet to the basic table, the features are simple while the color pops.

Kitchen Bar

kitchen bar

The simple design of this kitchen is an entertainers kitchen. From the full bar to the mixer, it’s clear this kitchen was designed to entertain. The lighting is gentle and provides the ambiance for a night of entertaining.

Bright Yellow and Pale Blue

bright yellow and pale blue

The bright yellow with pale blue is a traditional kitchen pallet. The decor of plates, the chandler, and the soft blue stove make this the perfect country kitchen.

Rustic Stainless Steel

rustic stainless steel

This kitchen with it’s stainless steel look and oversized stove and sink make it the ideal entertaining kitchen. The old-fashioned table gives the room the look of the cowboy kitchen where big meals are served to large groups.

White Washed

white washed

A classic white washed kitchen, this design includes unique lighting fixtures. The antique stove and refrigerator together with the white washed shelves create a unique country look. The kitchen table completes the room.



A modern design the large island in this kitchen is all about entertainment. The white walls accentuate the masonry work. The copper tone lighting fixtures add to the color pallet.

Bright Space

bright space

The lighting fixtures along with the large windows ensure a bright space. The large stove proves plenty of room for cooking. And the multiple seating areas provide options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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