If you have decided that installing an island in your kitchen would be a good idea but your budget is limited, you might want to consider other options. One option is build and install your own. Even if you’re not very crafty, it can be done, as long as you carefully follow the instructions. Choosing the kitchen island might be challenging in the beginning, but once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it should be easy. There are numerous styles of kitchen islands to choose from, and choosing the one that would best accentuate your kitchen d├ęcor.

Here are 15 DIY kitchen island ideas that are sure to pique your interest. You should take your time to look through them all before deciding which project you’d like to undertake. Regardless of the choice that you make, your kitchen is guaranteed to look absolutely amazing once you’ve completed the project.

Vintage Kitchen Island

Jen has built her own kitchen island that is used as a coffee bar. Not only does this kitchen island provide ample additional space, but it adds a bit of charm that is sure to complement your kitchen as well as it does hers. The bar measures about 46″ in length and can be customized in any manner.

DIY Kitchen Island

This DIY kitchen island has a unique design, as it is a “walk around island.” This choice is compact, versatile and relatively easy to make. The supply and tool list is available, along with the complete instructions building and possibly personalizing this particular island.

Dresser Kitchen Island

This choice is also unique, as it is built using an old dresser. In addition to the space on top of this attractive island, there is also additional storage space inside the drawers that can be used for utensils, towels, aluminum foil and so much more.

DIY Bookshelf Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is on the smaller side and you don’t have much space available to accommodate an island, this bookshelf kitchen island may be the perfect choice. It’s easy to transform any bookshelf into the kitchen island you’ve always dreamed about.

Furniture Style DIY Kitchen Island

This is yet another great choice, as it has a charming and rustic look that you will likely fall in love with. It’s large, so as long as you have the room available, it can provide you with beauty and a great space for food prep and more.

Inexpensive 2 X 4 DIY Kitchen Island

By looking at this attractive and practical kitchen island, you would never believe that it only costs $30 to build. Despite its inexpensive cost, this island is a great choice and can add beauty and space to any kitchen, so why not add it to yours?

Wash Tub Kitchen Island

There are many very unique kitchen islands, and this one is no exception. Built from a wash tub, this kitchen island is lovely, compact and old-fashioned. You will absolutely love the look, and so will family members and friends.

Kitchen Island from an Old Door

The creator of this attractive and large kitchen island was inspired to build it using a door. Although you can tell the top is actually a door, the design is so ingenious that it appears to be a perfect kitchen island.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

The designer of this kitchen island utilized repurposed wood that had been lying around unused in the garage for a while. If you opt for this choice, you can use one type of wood or different types, just like the designer did.

$50 DIY Pallet Kitchen Island

This island is another possibility if you’re on a very tight budget, since all supplies and materials cost around $50. By attaching a pallet to 2 X 4s and 4 X 4s, you can create this beautiful and very inexpensive island for your kitchen.

Low Cost Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

With materials and supplies totaling $100 or less, this handsome kitchen island is another terrific choice. By utilizing reclaimed wood, you can create this island that can add additional space and functionality to your home.

Coffee Table Turned DIY Kitchen Island

Check out the tutorial on how to build a DIY kitchen island from a coffee table

Tutorial: zestitup.com

This choice is a great idea if you like transforming other pieces of furniture into newer, more useful pieces. With a bit of paint, some hardware and some hard work, you can create this kitchen island that will provide you with the ability to showcase items in your kitchen, including the island itself.

DIY Kitchen Island Cart

If you’re looking for a colorful and compact kitchen island that is sure to bring pizazz to your kitchen, you might want to choose this choice. Despite its compact size, this convenient cart provides you with a place to store mugs, potholder, and so much more.

DIY Tabletop Kitchen Island

This choice is great if you’re on a budget but want an attractive and useful kitchen island. It’s easy to construct, and with a bit of work, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your kitchen where you can store items, prep food, and more.

Countertop Kitchen Island

You don’t have to be anywhere near retirement to choose this island. Although the designer was preparing to retire when this was built, any homeowner (or renter) might choose this wonderful choice. This kitchen island adds additional counter space where various kitchen tasks can be completed.