15 Painted Cabinets Before and After Ideas for a Stunning Kitchen Update

Last updated on May 4, 2024

Transform the ambiance of your kitchen or bathroom with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets; this guide offers inspiring before and after ideas.

Before & After: Coastal Vibe Transformation

before amp after coastal vibe transformation

Witness the serene transition as heavy, outdated cabinets are rejuvenated with light, airy paint tones, embodying a breezy oceanfront aesthetic.

Dark to Light: Cabinet Refresh Reveal

dark to light cabinet refresh reveal

Transforming your kitchen’s atmosphere is a breeze with a switch from dark, dated cabinet shades to light-reflecting, modern hues.

Vintage to Modern: Cabinet Upgrade Journey

Embrace a sleek, contemporary aesthetic as outdated cabinetry is revitalized with clean lines and modern hues.

Rustic to Chic: Farmhouse Cabinet Makeover

Swapping out weathered wood finishes for smooth, sleek paint infuses a breath of fresh elegance into any farmhouse-style cabinetry.

Pop of Color: Brightening Cabinets Before & After

Vivid hues breathe new life into lackluster cabinets, creating a dynamic focal point in the room.

From Glossy to Matte: Cabinet Finish Swap

The transformation highlights the swapping of shimmer for a subdued look that markedly changes the ambiance of a room.

Before & After: Glamourous Gold Accent Cabinets

Transform tired woodwork into a statement piece with a splash of gold, elevating the cabinets from everyday to exquisite.

Cottage Charm Update: Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Discover the allure of a vintage-inspired kitchen makeover, where a fresh coat of paint revitalizes classic cabinetry to exude homely, pastoral charm.

Before & After: Minimalist Monochrome Makeover

Transform your cabinets with a sleek, single-color paint job for an instant leap to a contemporary, streamlined kitchen aesthetic.

Eclectic Energy: Bold Cabinet Colors Transformed

Vibrant hues breathe new life into your space, infusing it with personality and a dash of the unexpected.

Time-Warp Touchup: Bringing Retro Cabinets Current

A fresh coat of paint catapults outdated, 70s-style cabinetry into the modern day, giving a sleek and contemporary edge to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Small Space, Big Impact: Cabinet Color Change

A strategic shift in cabinet hue can transform the perceived spaciousness and aesthetic of a compact kitchen.

Country to City: Urbanizing Rustic Cabinetry

Transforming rustic cabinets with sleek, modern paint revitalizes your kitchen, infusing it with a chic metropolitan flair.

Before & After: From Drab to Fab Cabinet Colors

Behold the transformation where outdated cabinetry gets a lively paint job, injecting energy and style into the heart of your home.

Beach House Blues: Before & After Cabinet Update

Transformed kitchen cabinets now capture the essence of a breezy, seaside retreat with calming blue hues replacing outdated wood tones.

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