15 Cabinet Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Kitchen Space

Last updated on April 22, 2024

Illuminate your cabinets with creative lighting ideas that will brighten your space and display your belongings in style.

Magnetic Track Lighting

magnetic track lighting

Magnetic track lighting offers a versatile and sleek way to add illumination, with movable LED modules that snap onto a metal track for customizable brightness where you need it most.

Motion Sensor Cabinet Lighting

motion sensor cabinet lighting

Imagine illuminating your cabinet contents with a wave of your hand; motion sensors bring convenience and energy efficiency to your storage spaces.

Integrated Trim Lighting

integrated trim lighting

Integrated trim lighting embeds sleek, low-profile LEDs within the borders of your cabinets for a seamless and modern glow.

Glass-Front Cabinet Backlighting

glass front cabinet backlighting

Illuminating the interior of glass-front cabinets transforms your cherished items into a striking, glowing display.

Vertical Corner LEDs

vertical corner leds

Vertical corner LEDs offer a sleek way to brighten up shadowy cabinet sections, drawing attention with sophisticated, edge-to-edge illumination.

Wireless Remote-Control Lights

wireless remote control lights

Wireless remote-controlled lights offer flexibility, allowing users to adjust brightness and toggle illumination from anywhere in the room.

Drawer Interior Lighting

drawer interior lighting

Drawer interior lighting casts a gentle glow inside your cabinet drawers, eliminating the shadowy guesswork of rummaging for items.

Antique Bulb Accent Lighting

antique bulb accent lighting

Harnessing the warm glow of Edison-style bulbs can add a nostalgic charm to your cabinetry, creating a soft, ambient atmosphere that complements a vintage kitchen design.

Etched Acrylic Illumination

etched acrylic illumination

Etched acrylic panels diffuse light evenly, creating a soft glow that elevates the ambiance of any cabinetry display.

Smart Home Connected Lighting

smart home connected lighting

Control your cabinet lights with a tap on your smartphone, syncing seamlessly with other smart devices for convenience and ambiance.

Recessed Halogen Spots

recessed halogen spots

Recessed halogen spots cast a focused beam, perfect for highlighting countertops without visible fixtures.

Under Cabinet Neon Lights

under cabinet neon lights

Under cabinet neon lights infuse your kitchen with a vibrant glow, ideal for both task lighting and setting a lively ambiance after dark.

Over Cabinet Uplighting

over cabinet uplighting

Over cabinet uplighting casts a soft glow above cabinetry, creating ambient illumination and highlighting ceiling features.

Interchangeable Color Trim Lighting

interchangeable color trim lighting

Swap out the mood at will with trim lighting that comes in a spectrum of colors, ideal for setting the ambiance for any occasion.

Display Case Spotlighting

display case spotlighting

Display case spotlighting punctuates your collectibles, casting an alluring glow that draws the eye to your prized possessions.

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