15 Stunning Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Small Kitchens

Last updated on May 25, 2024

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet colors for small kitchens can make your space look bigger and brighten the whole room.

Alright, folks, gather ’round! It’s time to talk kitchen cabinet colors for jam-packed, cozy kitchens.

No blah-blah about white or grey here. We’re diving into quirky, fun, and fabulous territory.

I’m all about the fresh and funky, daring you to think outside the beige box.

Brace yourselves for some wild, wonderful, and whimsical ideas to jazz up your tiny haven.

Soft Mint Green

soft mint green

Soft Mint Green adds a refreshing and airy touch to your small kitchen, creating a light and spacious feel without overwhelming the space.

Warm Cream

warm cream

Warm Cream: Creates a cozy atmosphere and visually enlarges the space.

Glossy White

glossy white

Glossy White cabinets reflect light, making a small kitchen feel brighter and more spacious.

Matte Black

matte black

Matte black adds a sophisticated and modern touch to small kitchens, creating a sleek and elegant look that maximizes space and adds depth to the room.

Light Taupe

light taupe

Light Taupe pairs well with small kitchens, bringing warmth and sophistication to the space.

Dusty Blue

dusty blue

Dusty Blue adds a calming and serene touch to small kitchens, creating a sense of openness and lightness.

Sunny Yellow

sunny yellow

Sunny Yellow adds a pop of brightness to small kitchens. It injects a cheerful and energetic vibe to the space.

Sage Green

sage green

Sage Green adds a calming and sophisticated touch to small kitchens.

Blush Pink

blush pink

Blush Pink adds a soft and delicate touch to small kitchens, creating a calming and cozy atmosphere with a hint of elegance.

Charcoal Gray

charcoal gray

Charcoal Gray adds sophistication and drama to small kitchens, creating a sleek and modern look with a touch of elegance.

Turquoise Blue

turquoise blue

Turquoise Blue adds a refreshing and vibrant pop of color to small kitchens. It brings a sense of serenity and brightness to the space.

Coral Peach

coral peach

Coral Peach adds a bright and fresh pop of color to small kitchens, creating a lively and welcoming space for cooking and gathering.

Rich Burgundy

rich burgundy

Rich Burgundy: Add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your small kitchen with this deep, luxurious hue.

navy blue

For small kitchens, consider navy blue cabinets to add sophistication and depth to the space.

Olive Green

olive green

Olive Green adds a touch of sophistication and earthiness to small kitchens without overpowering the space.


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