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If you want your kitchen to look great, you have to invest in the right countertop. Your options include quartz, stainless steel, wood, marble, granite, recycled glass, and more.

All the options above have advantages and disadvantages but the topic of this article is glass countertops. Below are the qualities of glass countertops as well the pros and cons.

What is Glass a Countertop?

Simply put, a glass countertop is made of glass. Glass countertop consists of 84% to 96% glass and comes with a substance that binds the glass together. These substances may be cement, polymer resin or a blend of binders. Glass countertops come in different styles, colors, and designs. They are beautiful and they add value to your home. However, they are relatively expensive and have some obvious imperfections.

Types of Glass Countertops

Below are examples of glass countertops based on the manufacturing process.

Float Glass

Float glass countertops are manufactured the same way glass windows are made. The molten glass is used to produce sheets of glass and these sheets are sued to make the countertop. This glass countertop has a uniform thickness. It is flat, smooth and relatively durable.

Kiln-Fired Glass Countertops

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These countertops are made from recycled glass. The glass remnants are melted and recycled into new glass products. The size and designs depend on the size of the kiln. These countertops are strong and friendly to the environment.

Slump Glass Countertops

For this option, you need a mold and a heater. The glass is placed in the mold and heated at very high temperatures. Eventually, the glass gets soft and “slumps” into the shape of the mold. Slump glass countertops come in different shapes and textures.

Glass Countertops Based on Style

Below are some types of glass countertops based on the style and designs of these countertops.

Glass Countertops with LED Lights

If you want to create amazing lighting effects in your kitchen, you should consider the glass countertop with LED lights. In this case, you simply go for back-lit glass countertops to add style and class to your kitchen. Depending on the colors in your kitchen, you might opt for sky blue, deep blue, golden brown or royal purple LED lights.

Textured Glass Countertops

If you want a great design for your class countertop, you should go for the textured design. This gives you a classy and contemporary look because the designs are truly eye-catching. Your options here include fun swirls, water-like textures and dimpled designs.

Crushed Glass Countertops

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The crushed glass option is an excellent idea for three basic reasons. It is made from recycled glass so this makes it friendly to the environment. In addition, this option gives you great artistic value and it is highly durable.

Installation and Maintenance of Glass Countertops

Installing your glass countertop is a tricky business. Remember that you are dealing with glass and glass is breakable. You do not want cracks on your countertop and this is why you should exercise caution before and during the installation process. Take accurate measurements and prepare the surface for the countertops in advance. This way, you get a near-perfect job and you minimize mistakes. The right move is to go for curves and rounded corners because these are safer than shape and pointed edges. If you get the installation right, maintaining your glass countertop will be relatively easy. This is because this countertop is stain-proof and easy to clean. For best results, you should use mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the countertop. Avoid abrasive cleaners because they might create a haze on your glass. In addition, you should always towel-dry the countertop to prevent water spots.

Do Glass Countertops Scratch?

The answer is yes but this should not be a problem if you are careful and take the right measures. Now, light scratches will occur but this has no serious effect on the beauty of the countertop. In any case, you can get rid of slight scratches by spot polishing.

The Pros of Glass Countertops

One of the best qualities of glass countertops is durability. If you install these countertops, you will never worry about age, discoloration or visible wear and tear. As long they are properly cleaned, these countertops will remain as good as new for many years.

In addition, glass countertops are heat resistant and easy to maintain.

From the perspective of health and hygiene, these countertops are very safe. Glass countertops have no cracks or crevices so there is no way bacteria will breed in your kitchen if you install this countertop.

If you are looking for versatility and style, glass countertops are just right for you. These countertops are available in different styles, colors and designs. In addition, they can be used with other material to create a great effect in your kitchen.

Some glass countertops are made from recycled materials so this makes them eco-friendly.

The Cons of Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are durable but this does not mean they are immune to damage. Heavy objects can cause cracks, dents and chips.

Another problem is that it is difficult and sometimes impossible to repair damage to these countertops.

The cost of installation is relatively high and this makes it unaffordable for many people.

If these countertops are not properly cleaned, water spots and fingerprints will be visible and this detracts from the beauty of the product.

How Much Does a Glass Countertop Cost?


Glass countertops are relatively expensive but there are no flat rates for this product. The cost depends on the thickness, design and color of the product. Typically, glass countertops go for $76 to $110 per square foot. This does not include the cost of related supplies like sealants and adhesives. On the average, sealants and adhesives cost $2.50 per square foot while labor and installation costs about $50 to $80 per hour.

Final Word

Glass countertops come in different styles and colors. These countertops also have advantages and disadvantages. Carry out a bit of research and choose the one that is just right for you.

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