When it comes to home decoration trends and ideas, upcycling is making a major impact. From high end, industrial spaces to charming, cozy cottages, the upcycling decorating trend allows people to reimagine, repurpose and reuse things to create one of a kind pieces that showcase their style. Upcycled pieces can help make a home feel unique and add interest and charm throughout your home.

Upcycling is the simple act of taking an old piece and turning it into something new. While there is no limit to what can be upcycled and how to upcycle it, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to incorporate some upcycled pieces into your home decoration while you also do something great for the planet by reusing pieces and saving them from the landfill.

Upcycled Chairs

Use a broken or uncomfortable chair as a planter. Simply remove the seat and replace it with a potted plant. You can also use old chairs as feeding dishes for your dogs. Cut a hole out of the seat, place in a food or water bowl and you have a one of a kind dog feeder with a designer touch.

Upcycled Wine Corks

Hot glue wine corks together to create message boards, wreaths and picture frames. Glue together rows of corks for a sustainable, interesting one of a kind bath mat. String corks together to make garlands and chain pulls for ceiling fans. Use corks as trivets for hot dishes and as spoon rests in your kitchen. Corks add texture, interest and color to your space and can remind you of fun evenings spent drinking wine and enjoying food with friends and family.

Upcycling offers limitless ways to decorate your home and create a space that is truly your own. Look for inventive and fun ways to repurpose things you already have and stretch your decorating budget to the max.