20 Home Decor and Interior Design Cheat Sheets That Will Turn You Pro

Last updated on May 31, 2024

Decorating your home can sometimes become a daunting task because you can get lost in measurements, styles, and other decor choices. Then you can either begin researching your problem online and experimenting or getting help from a professional designer.

To avoid all that hustle, here are 20 home decor cheat sheets for you that you can keep handy to turn to whenever you face a decor problem. These cheat sheets and guidelines will put the most common home decor rules in simple terms, which will help you decorate your home almost like a real interior design professional.

Area Rug Size

Choose the right size of the area rug before buying one. Make sure it fits your furniture perfectly.

Home Lighting

Use this guide to choose the correct lighting for your home.

Decor Style

Decor Style Cheat Sheet

Feeling a bit lost in the world of interior design styles? Use this guide as a map to the most popular design styles.


This cheat sheet provides the most common home measurements and takes out all the guesswork.

Decorate the Space Above Sofa

Make sure the space above sofa isn’t left blank by using these wall art hanging guidelines.

Gallery Wall Layouts Cheat Sheet

Creating a gallery wall that looks good is not easy, so here’s a diagram that will help you in many different situations.

Decorate a Mantel

A mantel is the perfect surface for display items and vignettes but when you begin arranging multiple things it can be a challenge to make it look right. Use this diagram as a reference.

Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout Cheat Sheet

Having trouble arranging living room furniture? These layouts will help.

Bathroom Layout

There are many ways to arrange your bathroom and the layouts for it. 100 to be exact.

Gallery Placement Cheat Sheet

Creating a picture gallery in different places has its quirks. Refer to this diagram for ideas.

Window Coverings

Window Coverings Cheat Sheet

Take a look at this drawing before deciding on your window coverings – there are a lot more of them that you might have imagined.

Choosing Colors

The choice of colors is a complicated subject but this diagram will help you choose the main colors for different rooms based on their psychology.

Choosing Indoor Houseplants

We’ve already talked about keeping houseplants alive, and the first step is choosing the right plants. Refer to this diagram for the most common houseplants.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Cheat Sheet

Following the principles of Feng Shui in home decor can be a daunting task, but this diagram will make the process a lot easier.

Styling Sectionals

Styling Sectionals Cheat Sheet

You didn’t think you can just throw pillows randomly, did you?

Print Size Guide Cheat Sheet

Here’s a quick guide to determine the print size for a typical setup.

Choose the Right Rug

Never make a mistake of choosing the wrong rug for different rooms again.

Bed Make Up

This diagram shows the correct way to make your bed.

Basic Vignette Layout

Vignettes make great accents and here’s how you can make a basic one.

Hanging Curtains

One of the biggest home decor mistakes made is with hanging the curtains. Refer to this drawing to never hang them at an incorrect height again.

Sofa Styling

Sofa Styling Cheat Sheet

Create a sofa style like a real interior designer.


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