With another week passing by, we have more of our favorite home decor tips to share with you. This time we have a lot of tips for decor accents and some functional design ideas for you to explore.

How are you going to improve the look of your home this week?

Tiny Dining Area

Don’t have enough room for a dining area? You can always find a corner to place a small cafe table and a couple of chairs. You get a dining area that makes a decor feature.

Focus on Shelving

Shelving can be the focal point if it’s done creatively. These corner shelves with wood finish make a contrasting feature that stands out and becomes an instant focal point.

Extend the Space with Houseplants

Houseplants can certainly make the space look bigger by drawing the attention vertically. Use climber plants to draw the eyes towards the ceiling and making them look higher.

Accents Pillows with a Message

Accents pillows can be used for more than just pops of color and patterns. Words and messages make whimsical decor accents with some practical use of giving directions to your significant other.

Hang Houseplants from the Ceiling

Just like pendant lighting fixtures, houseplants can give your room layout a new meaning. Hung over the side table, it anchors the positioning of the chair in this room.

Vintage Rotary Phone

Remember those cute rotary phones in pastel colors from the past? We certainly do, and now they make awesome whimsical accents. They don’t have to work either.

Fake Drawers and the Dead Space Under the Sink

Source: beautifullybellafaith.com

Source: beautifullybellafaith.com

This combination solves two problems in the bathroom – using the dead space under the sink and storing bathroom accessories and cords. Consider this setup for your next bathroom renovation.

Display Your Perfume Bottle Collection

Put those perfume bottles on display in the bedroom or bathroom because they are worth it. You can even use a simple spice rack or even a cake stand.

Bar Cart Vignette

Making a bar cart part of the wall decor vignette is a chic style choice. Decorate the cart with pretty bottles and glasses, add some flowers and art to create the vignette. You can go as far as using an acrylic cart and focusing entirely on the accessories.

Plywood Accents

Plywood may be cheap and look unfinished but it gives you that extra texture that you can use as an accent and it can really work wonders. We love this shelf made out of a single plywood board.

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