Another week has passed and we have more decor tips for you to try at home. This time we have ideas for floor styling, wall embellishment, several ideas for the bedroom and a few for the bathroom.

So check out this week’s top 10 tips and try something new in the coming week yourself.

Hardwood Floor Intersection with Tiles

For your next floor renovation project, try intersecting the hardwood with tiles. It’s a great idea to separate space and add a little accent to the floor style.

Draw a Table

Here’s a nifty idea to embellish the walls in a functional way. Add a suspended wall and paint table legs on the wall. You get beautiful wall art and a surface for display.

Accent Around the Vanity

It doesn’t take much to add a little but high impact accent around the vanity in the bathroom. You can use small tiles to embellish the wall by the counter top, or even paint the edge an accent color.

Create a Canopy

The closed space that a canopy creates only adds to the private coziness, so consider making one. This dreamy bohemian bed design with an addition of fairy lights is really inspiring.

Marble Accents

Marble is luxurious but it doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need are some accents in marble, such as trays or vases to make use of this trendy style.

Mixing Black and Brass

Black (especially matte black) goes really well with brass or gilded hardware finishes.

Minimize the Number of Bathroom Products

Throw away all those bottles you’re not using and keep the number of products to the minimum. Get a basket or a few jars to store them and prevent the space from cluttering up.

Use a Chair for the Nightstand

Nightstands can cost a pretty penny but instead of buying one, you can use a chair and get a chic look. Try the combination of a chair and stacked books as an accent vignette.

Easy Chair Dressing

If you have pretty pattern textiles around, use them to dress the dining chairs for an accent. It’s easy, simple and adds a very personal touch.

Decorate Walls with Fabrics



Quite a simple but different idea for wall decoration that was popular in the 70s. Today, you can get a brilliant bohemian look and you can totally DIY.