With another week gone, we have another top 10 home decor tips of the week. This time we have several tips on choosing and matching patterns, layering your home decor accessories, the correct use of wall art and more.

We hope you will enjoy these tips and try something new at home this week.

Use Varying Scale Accessories

Source: homedit.com

Source: homedit.com

The key to a well balanced accessorized home decor is choosing accessories of varied scale. Choose small, medium and big pieces and display them together for the most aesthetically pleasing look.

Choose Accessories with Meaning

You can create beautiful decor with random store bought accessories but what really gets oohs and aahs is a display with personal items that tell a story. It can be memorabilia from your travels or past events, anything that you can tell your guests about.

Make Use of Tall Bookcases

A tall bookcase is almost always better than a small one. It provides a lot more storage space and doesn’t divide the visual space which would make┬áthe room look smaller.

Divide with See-through Shelving

Source: designmag.fr

Source: designmag.fr

If you need to divide space, choose see-through shelving which is light and gives you ample of space to store small things, as well as make displays.

Choose Varied Size Patterns

One of the keys to mixing and matching patterns is avoiding the competing and cluttered look. Choose small patterns for small pieces and larger patterns on bigger decor pieces to create balance.

Choose One Pattern That Incorporates All the Colors

When matching colored patterns, choose one pattern that would include all the colors you need. Then go down from there by introducing other patterns with less of the same colors. A good choice to begin with is usually an area rug.

Learn to Layer Accessories

Take your time to learn and experiment layering decor accessories by creating vignettes like this.

Hang Small Wall Art Off-center

A small piece of wall art is not a bad option as long as you hang it right. If centered on an empty wall it would make the space look smaller and jarring, but if you put it off-center the negative space will balance it out.

Leather Rug Borders

Choose rugs with leather borders to make your decor instantly look richer.

Frame the TV

If you want to create a masterpiece out of ordinary things, try framing the TV in a picture frame of your choice.