Another week has passed and we have another handful of home decor tips that we’ve picked up and we want to share them with you. As usual, we have made a list of top 10 tips that have caught our attention but haven’t found a place in any specific list this week.

In today’s top 10, we have a lot of tips for the kitchen as well as something special for the bathroom and the garden. We hope that you will enjoy them and find something useful to try at home during the coming week.

Fresh Flowers in the Bathroom



With spring already here, fresh flowers are all the craze in home decor, but they are good in any season. Don’t forget to bring some to the bathroom too, they will make a surprising but beautiful accent.

Use a Color Theme

There’s the color scheme and there’s the color theme, and they are different things. The color theme may dictate the scheme but picking one also means that you have to be consistent in the choice of accessories and even something as trivial as liquid soap. It might be borderline obsessive but it brings across a very strong decor message.

Use Two Big Art Pieces for Symmetry

When we have an empty wall, usually the go-to decor decision is hanging one big art piece to make use of the space and create an accent. But if you want to create symmetry, choose two similar pieces instead.

Have a Place for Everything



If you want to eliminate clutter for good, have a place for everything – shelves for towels, trays for small items, bowls for fruit, boxes as catch it alls. If everything has a dedicated place, nothing will be lying around randomly.

Mason Jars Are Still In

Don’t throw them away, even though they have been used over and over again in DIY decor, mason jars are still perfect for vignettes and storing small things.

Use Accent Dining Chairs

If you want to add an accent to the dining area, a table centerpiece is not your only option. Adding one or two different chairs will make a great focal point too.

Get Pattern Dishware

White dishware is classic but neutral, if you want to add more little accents for your next dinner party, get pattern dishes. When unused they can be put on display as a collection too.

Get Specialty Dishes

This might be an obvious one but it’s sometimes overlooked. Invest in specialty dishes such as real platters, cake plates and so on, it will make your dinner parties so much classier. Consider making them pattern dishware too.

Real Napkins

And while we’re at it, quit using those paper napkins and get some real ones. It will add some class and sophistication for just a few extra bucks.

(DIY) Garden Torches



Don’t forget to take care of the garden too and add some style with Tiki torches, either getting them in store or it can be a nice little DIY project.