One of the more interesting contemporary decor trends is the repurposing of picking finds. People are sifting through old sheds, thrift stores, and anywhere people throw discarded furniture in order to find items that are not that attractive but have a great structure. Once they find these items, a little hardware is sometimes added just before the paint and stain in order to create items with an entire differently use. This gives the item an entirely new life and sometimes creates a great conversation piece.

One of the contemporary decor trends that has reached new levels of popularity due to the recycling movement, repurposing breathes new life into old items. In some cases it’s a pretty basic process, such as adding lighting bulbs to snare drums for overhead lighting. Trunks can be remade into tables, while refrigeration can be added to other storage devices in order to create some great place to stash cold drinks. Some bins have been repainted and cushions added in order to create chairs. This goes beyond creating something decorative out of a useful item, such as hanging a guitar on the wall; it is all about creating a new purpose for something that is no longer fulfilling its old purpose in order to add a cool touch to an otherwise staid decor.

With a little creativity some added functionality can be added to just about anything. You just need to define what kind of appliance you need to take care of and then finding a way to take care of that need. Throw in a little bit of fun based on what you find and anything is possible. There are no real limits to what you can do beyond what you are willing to find and your own technical skills. It is just a matter of finding the best items for your decor.