These days, glass is being incorporated more and more into interior design. Glass designs can be seen in things like doors, shelves and display bookcases. Over the years, glass designs have become increasingly simplistic, sleeker and more stylish. Below are some tips on how glass can be used to decorate the home and make it look and feel more sophisticated, chic and spacious:

You can place a simple glass table in the entryway and add nothing but a clean frame. This would make it a perfect hall. The entryway is an area that typically feels crowded, particularly if there is also a shoe rack, coat rack and other such things. The glass table would create visual space and give the entryway a more spacious feel.

You could use a transparent glass top to showcase and emphasize a dining table that has a fascinating base. This will enable you, your family members and guests to admire the base and it will make a breakfast nook or dining room look much airier as well.

To up the ante on the spaciousness of the look and feel of a room, there is nothing quite like using glass walls to separate spaces. Even if the space is small, glass walls will make it feel a lot bigger. That is especially true when crisp, white accents are incorporated into the design. The white accents will add a really interesting and awesome detail to the space.

Glass railings can be installed on a terrace if you would like to take advantage of amazingly stunning panoramic views. This design element is an excellent choice, particularly if your property is located somewhere remarkable like near the ocean or on a mountain.

Glass designs can incorporate a number of different furniture, walls and accent pieces to create spaciousness and separation, while creating a feeling of inclusiveness.