The Top 20 Best Modern Benches

Last updated on June 21, 2022

Looking for a modern bench for your home? Here are the best contemporary benches in every category and every room of the house.

When it comes to furniture, a bench is one of the most versatile pieces that can be used just about anywhere. Indeed, it can be placed in any room inside the house or outside. Many types of benches are used for storage, and some types can even be used as tables. So choosing the right piece of furniture can actually pose quite a challenge.

This is another one of our excellent guides to making a choice as easy for you as possible. We’ve used extensive research to pick the best modern benches of all types, and we lay it down here in an easy-to-read fashion. As usual, we’ve made our top picks and gave you our reasons behind these choices.

Our research method:

As a big home decor blog, we have a fantastic opportunity to see what interests the majority of our readers hold. This clearly shows us the trends in any category. So we know from the get-go what kind of benches you are interested in. That means we don’t have to wade through thousands of products – we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be tried and tested.

On top of that, we use top-notch third-party data services to get the best information available. Finally, we capt the results with our good taste, which you, the reader, have come to appreciate.

The final result is a list of the best choice from the source you trust! Here it goes.

Storage Bench

Storage benches are great because they give you not only seating space but hidden storage as well. This type of bench can be used in the bedroom or the entryway (but not limited to that!). This is our top pick for the storage bench.

Madison Park Shandra Storage Bench

If you are looking for a bench that is both functional and comfortable this product should be at the top of your list of considerations. The unit features outstanding button tufting that gives it a unique appeal. The bench is covered in quality fabric that remains in good shape regardless of the frequency of use. Its cushion is quite soft meaning that anyone that sits on the bench will enjoy comfort irrespective of the number of minutes or hours they remain seated. The storage space is quite large making it possible for you to organize your house.

Why it’s out top pick? It’s as stylish as it’s functional. You get a big bench with lots of room for storage. The tufted look is classy which will work in most decor cases. It’s a high quality product with mainly positive reviews. You can choose the color too! And it’s available on Amazon at a very affordable price. (#ad)

Outdoor and Garden Bench

When it comes to choosing furniture for the outdoors (porch, backyard or garden), there are a whole lot of different criteria to consider. The best outdoor bench needs to be sturdy, weather damage resistant and, of course, stylish. Here’s our top pick for the outdoor bench.

Eastwood Cast Aluminum Outdoor Garden Bench
Eastwood Cast Aluminum Outdoor Garden Bench

Exuding remarkable elegance, this garden bench is as beautiful as it is functional. This bench is durable and made out of heavy duty cast aluminum, which makes it a fantastic addition to any patio or other outdoor spaces. It is also low maintenance, finished in antique copper, and its design has a cross-hatch pattern that makes it interesting to look at. The bench has a comfortable and slanted backrest, with a stable base designed to provide many years of enjoyment. This garden bench is a sure way to add some class to your outdoor space.

Why it’s our top pick? It’s a very sturdy and durable bench – perfect for any weather. The quality is great and it will last you a long time. But its design is what sells it to us. Finally, it comes at a very affordable price at Houzz.

Dining Bench

Dining room benches are great when it comes to hosting groups of guests. They’re great for everyday use too, in fact, providing very flexible seating. And with the farmhouse style that’s so trendy these days, you cannot create one at home without a dining bench. Here’s our pick for the best one.

Ashley Dining Bench
Ashley Berringer Dining Bench

This Ashley Furniture Berringer dining bench features a rustic and warm stained finish that will help create an intimate dining space. Its simplistic and rustic design will work with most dining sets, and a dining bench is a perfect way to add additional seating around a large dining table. Ideal for seating two people, this bench is ideal alongside a dining table, in an entryway, or an eat-in kitchen. Measuring 42.5″W x 14″D x 17.75″H, this dining bench will add some simple charm and functionality to any space it calls home.

Why it’s our top choice? Simplicity is its forte. Rustic finish makes it a great cozy accent, so it’s best used with a dining room set of a similar style. The low price of this piece is what make it a no-brainer, and tons of 5-star reviews only make it better. Available on Amazon. (#ad)

Shower Bench

A shower bench is a very particular type of bench. Its placement is in the shower or bathroom, and it should provide seating as well as double as accessory storage (ideally). Unlike other benches, it has to be water resistant and small too. This is our top pick for the shower bench.

Bamboo Spa Shower Bench
Bamboo Spa Shower Bench

This bench is made from solid, top-quality bamboo material, which makes it antibacterial and waterproof. This bamboo shower bench seat is tremendously attractive and will bring function and visual appeal to your shower. It has a built-in storage shelf that is designed to conveniently accommodate and give easy access to your wet towels, spa accessories, and other shower tools.

Designed with practicality and versatility in mind, this shower bench can also be used outdoors on the lawn or deck, as garden décor, and in your recreational vehicle. Additionally, it can be used as a bathtub storage organizer and bathroom furniture.

Why it’s our to pick? There’s something about bamboo furniture in the bathroom and how it helps turn your bathroom decor into spa. It’s also a high quality product with stellar reviews at a very low price. Finally, it’s available on Amazon for quick and easy ordering. (#ad)

Mudroom and Entryway Bench

The entryway or mudroom decor is so important because that’s how you greet your guests. So the mudroom or entryway bench should also be as functional as it should be pleasant to the eye. It should provide storage and seating as well as bring your decor together. Here are the top picks for this kind of benches.

Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood Entryway Storage Bench
Simpli Home Warm Shaker Solid Wood Entryway Storage Bench

This Simpli Home Shaker entryway storage bench would make the perfect addition to a mudroom needing ample storage. Available in tobacco brown, honey brown, or distressed grey, the storage bench compliment most decors. Constructed from solid pine with three shaker-style doors, this storage bench will breathe some warmth and character into any space it calls home. Measuring 44 x 18 x 22 inches, this mudroom bench is the perfect way to make a decorative splash while adding storage and a practical seating surface.

Why it’s our top pick? It’s adorable! It also ticks all of our quality requirements (it’s made of solid wood!). You’ll love its practical design and good looks, as well as the choice of colors (which isn’t big but covers most basic decor needs). The price is fairly affordable too, so we’d gladly pick it up over on Amazon. (#ad)

Shoe Storage Bench

Do you own a shoe rack? Do you need some extra storage space for them? Here’s your chance to hit two birds with one stone and get a new storage bench as an alternative to yet another shoe rack.

Furrino Boyate Shoe Storage Bench
Furrino Boyate Shoe Storage Bench

For those who are searching for a shoe storage bench that looks more like furniture than a seat, this may be the perfect compromise. You can have an elegant piece of wood furniture that looks great by itself, but it also contains two spacious shelves underneath to store shoes and features a well-reinforced top part that is the perfect place to rest while you are changing out of your muddy things. Its table-like surface means that it is also an excellent place to set things while you are preparing to come in or go out. No need to worry about staining the upholstery, wipe and go.

Why it’s our top pick? It’s more than a shoe rack and more than just a bench. The stylish classic appearance of this piece can serve many functions. You can use it in the entryway (most likely) as well as in other rooms. The sturdy top surface can be used for seating or a table for Decor vignettes! It’s quite affordable too. Available at Houzz.

Upholstered and Tufted Bench

Upholstered benches are truly classic, and it’s no wonder you’d want one in your home. They can provide you with storage space if necessary as well, but an elegant slim style is such an eye candy at the same time. Here are our top picks for the upholstered benches.

Ashley Upholstered Bench
Ashley Upholstered Bench

This upholstered bench is made out of wood in a dark brown finish. Vinyl faux leather upholstery is used to wrap the cushioned seat. It has fresh touches but is classically designed with attractive, feel-good materials and luxurious finishes. The bench adds beauty and function as it provides seating for three small children or 2 adults. The bench is 50 inches long, and from the floor to the top of the cushion, it is 18 inches high, providing the ideal height and length. The bench is also sturdy, looks more costly than it is and it’s easy to assemble.

Why it’s our top pick? Simplicity and classic wins again. While it’s advertised as a dining room bench, it can be used just about anywhere, from the entryway to the bedroom. We love the look and quality of the product. Tons of 5-star reviews don’t lie as well. Available on Amazon. (#ad)

Storage Ottoman Bench

Ottoman and storage bench together is a winning combination for many reasons. First of all, the look is classic, and it can go into bedrooms just as well as in living rooms. So here are our top picks for this type of benches.

Seville Foldable Storage Bench and Ottoman
Seville Foldable Storage Bench and Ottoman

This small ottoman bench can fit into any space. If you need something that had storage options and that you could also sit on – this is it. This ottoman serves both purposes nicely. The only drawback (which isn’t a huge deal) is that the top comes entirely off. Would be nice if you could prop it up to grab blankets or whatever and then quickly close it again.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s classic and an all time favorite. While it’s cheap, it’s sturdy enough to serve as seating. And while it’s small, you can easily pick up a few of these and arrange them in your living room for extra seating as well as storage. Available on Amazon. (#ad)

End of Bed Bench

Need a bench in your bedroom at the end of the bed? It’s the perfect option for bedrooms that have enough space for an extra piece of furniture. The right bench will give you extra storage and space to keep the throw on clothes. Here is our top pick.

Zinus Bedroom Bench
Zinus Faux Leather Bedroom Bench

The Zinus faux leather bench is sleek and modern. The black faux leather gives it a punch of drama and could not be easier to keep clean. This bench is multi-functional as its simplistic and clean lines make it perfect for use in bedrooms, offices, hallways, anywhere little additional seating is appreciated. This piece and boasts a durable and sturdy design with an extra shelf for storage. If you want to add a modern feel to space, you will be more than pleased with this bench.

Why it’s our top choice? While this bench is versatile in ts use and it can be used just about anywhere around your home, we’ve chosen it as the best end of bed bench. It has the perfect height for most beds and even though it does not feature box storage, it does have a storage shelf. That’s more than enough to keep a few spare blankets and do it in style. Add tons of 5-star reviews to that and you get your perfect bench for the bedroom available on Amazon. (#ad)

Corner Bench

Want to furnish those empty corners in your home? A corner bench is a perfect choice. And here are our top picks for this type of bench.

Whitaker Corner Bench
Whitaker Corner Bench

The Whitaker corner bench is compact and straightforward. The storage within comes with a woven seagrass basket to keep a few things hidden. The bench, although small, has some lovely accents; the beaded-board panels and scoop toe-kick are complemented by a sleek painted finish that is available in white or black. Measuring 20″H x 28.25″ W x 20″ D, this small corner bench will slide easily into most corners and provides a nice comfy seat for one with some hidden storage beneath. The beige polyester-blend seat cushion is durable and easy to wipe clean. Ideal for small entryways, offices, or bedroom spaces, the Whitaker corner bench is a unique piece that can warm up the area and fill in an otherwise waster corner.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s small, compact and classy. There’s no corner where it would not fit. And it manages to provide a storage box in its limited frame as well. Top that with a very affordable price on Amazon (#ad) and you have a winner.

Vanity Bench

Need a stylish bench for your vanity/makeup desk? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top picks for this type of bench.

Uttermost Karline Natural Linen Hand Carved Vanity Bench
Uttermost Karline Natural Linen Hand Carved Vanity Bench

This particular bench is designed using a hand-carved mahogany frame which is strong enough to withstand rugged use. The frame has an antiqued almond finish which adds to the elegance of the piece. Its width measures 24 inches meaning that it can only accommodate one individual at a time. To give it a beautiful look the bench is designed using a combination of upholstered linen and cotton. The fabric cover is accented by the use of brass nail heads. It is worth noting that a stain resistant fabric protector is included to guarantee that you never have to worry about dirt or stains getting stuck on your bench.

Why it’s our top choice? Because you deserve it. This small hand-carved bench is simply gorgeous and it will become the accent piece of any decor. It’s a very sturdy quality product too making it an easy choice. The price is a bit steep, but did we mention it’s absolutely gorgeous? Available at Houzz.

Leather Bench

Leather as a material in home decor implies classic luxury. If you want to add some luxe to the look of your home, you have to go for the leather (even if faux). And these are our picks for the leather benches.

Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench
Haddigan Upholstered Dining Room Bench

Hardly any bench in the market can match the beauty and elegance of this particular product. It is made of a quality wooden material that not only ensures it is sturdy enough to withstand weight but also makes it quite durable. Button tufting gives it the extra appeal that makes it a good fit in just about any dining room. It features quality cushion that makes it comfortable for just about anyone that sits on it. Faux leather completes the bench’s beautiful design. The bench is 50 inches long meaning it can fit two adults or three kids.

Why it’s our top choice? We’ve picked this bench for the best tufted bench as well. And since it’s upholstered with faux leather, we’ll go with it for this pick as well. It’s just that good looking and quality made. Available on Amazon for a very affordable price. (#ad)

White Bench

A piece of furniture of a specific color is sometimes all you need. If you’re looking for a white bench, we’ve made a short list with the best option in this color. Here’s our top pick.

Golden Caroline Sheepskin Bench
Golden Caroline Sheepskin Bench

The Golden Caroline Sheepskin white bench, with its genuine sheepskin seat, silver nailhead trim, leather border, and shiny lucite legs is luxury and decadence at its finest. Ideal in a bedroom space needing a soft-looking accent piece to warm up the room, this bench adds a contemporary look and feel and will be a conversation-starter. Measuring 49″W x 19.3″D x 19″H, this bench can also be used as an ottoman in a living room space. Designed with luxury and opulence in mind, the Golden Caroline sheepskin bench is a unique piece that can elevate an area from drab to fab in a New York minute.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s a unique piece of furniture that will become the focal point of any minimalist decor. You get a lot more than a simple white piece of furniture for an affordable price. Available at

Kitchen Bench

A kitchen bench can be a great solution for your seating needs if you have a small dining area. Get yourself a flexible seating area that can accommodate your family or guests. These are our top picks for this kind of benches.

Merax Stylish Dining Table Bench
Merax Stylish Dining Table Bench

The Merax dining table bench, with a thick wooden seat and backrest and legs made of metal, is a genuinely original-looking piece. Distressed to perfection, this kitchen bench will appeal to those with an eye for vintage finds and old-world charm. Measuring 40″L x 15″D x 18″H, the Merax dining table bench is an ideal bench for those wanting a little back support while they sit. The wood seat panel is available in a light and dark stain, and the bench has soft rubber feet so it can quickly be moved around without damaging any floors.

Why it’s our top pick? This bench is very stylish and compact while it provides seating for two. The antique industrial style is gorgeous and makes a statement and it’s perfect if you’re going for the modern farmhouse look. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble too. Available on Amazon. (#ad)

X Bench

The X frame gives a bench a sturdy build and a classy look at the same time. It’s a great type of bench to choose if you care to make a statement in your home decor. So here are our top choices for this type of bench.

Cortesi Home Zio X Bench
Cortesi Home Zio X Bench

The Cortesi Home Zio is a solid metal bench with black leather upholstery; the leather feels more like vinyl. The chrome finish metal looks good and helps the bench fit seamlessly into both commercial and residential spaces. Wide enough to seat two people abreast, this bench works as a bedroom bench and also as a bench you would typically keep near an entryway. This well-made, sturdy bench is also easy to assemble. If you recently bought entire furniture set for your bedroom but somehow missed out on a bench or found the bench you were initially been eyeing a bit too expensive, this beautiful looking Cortesi bench would fill in that space quite nicely.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s simple, modern and stylish. A bench like this is surprisingly hard to find. So having it found on Amazon and at an affordable price (#ad) with great reviews, we have to pick this bench as the top choice.

Rustic Bench

If you’re going for a cozy and warm look, a rustic bench that is (or looks like) a handcrafted item is a great option. Here’s our top pick for this kind of a bench.

Rustic Wood and Pipe Bench by DecorDudeDesigns
Rustic Wood and Pipe Bench by DecorDudeDesigns

This bench is the perfect way to add a rustic industrial vibe into space. The wood is hand-picked pine, and the legs are made from 3/4″ black iron steel pipe for stability and support. This DecorDudeDesigns bench is handmade so the size can be customizable to fit your space and can be constructed in six sizes. The warm wood seat contrasts the cool iron legs for a finish that is both rustic and modern.

Why it’s our top pick? We believe that a rustic bench has to be handmade. So it has to come from Etsy. This bench is exactly what you think of when you think about a rustic bench. Available at this Etsy shop. (#ad)

Modern Bench

Need to complete your modern home decor look with a new bench? These modern benches are exactly what you need. Here’s our top pick.

Woven Velvet Upholstered Modern Bench

This bench is designed for individuals that appreciate exceptional work of art. Luxurious velvet upholstery gives it a unique look that is set to upgrade any room. Strong acrylic legs allow the bench to support people of any weight range without damage. Its solid kiln dried wood frame ensures the bench remains durable regardless of the number of times it is used. It measures 48.8 inches in width meaning it can seat two grown-ups or three children. This bench can be put in just about any room including the dining, bedroom or patio space.

Why it’s our top pick? We appreciate lucite furniture in modern decor very much. The acrylic legs of this bench look very modern and the woven velvet upholstered seating makes it a great accent bench. It’s overall handcrafted quality made product. Available on Amazon at a surprisingly low price. (#ad)

Small Bench

Need just a small beautiful bench to add to your space? You can accomplish a lot when it comes to home decor with a stylish small bench. Check out our top picks.

Sustainable Monkey Pod Wood Wave Bench
Sustainable Monkey Pod Wood Wave Bench

The sustainable Monkey Pod wave bench in livos oak oil finish is a stunning piece that is bound to start plenty of conversations. Its warm honey finish and wavy lines make it fluid and unique, practical and friendly. If you want to bring a touch of nature into the home, this Monkey Pod wood wave bench is the way to do it. A truly unique piece that makes a perfect small bench at 24″ L x 13.5″ W x 15″ H. This eco-friendly piece will add visual pop to any space it graces.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s more of a piece of art than furniture. For a very small bench, you get seating and some storage. But most importantly you get an eco-friendly statement piece of furniture. Available on

Wooden Bench

Want to add some wood to your home decor? A bench is a great way to do it functionally. So here are your top choice for the best wooden benches.

SONGMICS Three-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench
SONGMICS Three-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench

Benches come in all shapes, sizes, and purposes. The SONGMICS three-tier bamboo shoe rack combines the functionality of a small bench with two shelves for storing shoes or other items. Made from bamboo, not only is this wooden bench exceptionally durable, it is constructed from a sustainable product that is eco-friendly. It is available in brown, black, or natural bamboo color to suit any décor. Each shelf can hold up to four pairs of shoes and measuring at 27 1/2″L x 11 1/8″W x 17 3/4″H, this wooden shoe rack bench could be useful in numerous areas of the home.

Why it’s our top choice? Made of bamboo and available in a wood finish of your choice it’s a very sturdy and roomy storage bench. While it’s advertised as an entryway shoe rack bench, you can use it just about anywhere in your home. At the same time it’s a very affordable option available on Amazon. (#ad)

Settee Bench

Settee benches come to mind when you’re looking for something comfortable and classy to add to your space. And these are our top picks for this kind of benches.

Zoey Linen Settee With Silver Nailheads
Zoey Linen Settee With Silver Nailheads

The Zoey Linen Settee Bench with Silver Nailheads is ideal for any room in the home. Inspired by contemporary styles and Victorian designs, this elegant unit features light beige upholstery with luxurious nailhead trim and tufted button details. This exquisite settee seats two and features a sturdy, durable wood frame. Whether for formal living rooms or contemporary dens, this settee captures the true allure and essence of comfort and coziness. With the lightweight and mobile features, the Zoey Linen settee is guaranteed to enhance and accentuate any room’s decor.

Why it’s our top choice? It’s a high-quality product that combines a great look and comfortable design. By putting it in your home you’re adding instant class to your decor. Available at Houzz.)


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