For those with the finances and a backbone for classic home decors, there are plenty of antique design ideas to completely transform your home. Here are some tips on how to create an old-fashioned theme that stands out from the rest.


Nothing makes a bathroom look cozy and homely like a rustic vanity set. Vanities with a chic old-fashion design can be used as a highlight centerpiece which builds up to all other details in your bathroom. A typical vanity set will come inclusive of modern marble counter top and matching mirrors. Vintage vanities are ideal for the bedroom as well, especially as the dressing table.

Vintage Chest

An antique chest is the perfect replacement for the living room table you have been meaning to get rid of. A chest wide enough with a flat top and detailed decoration running on the sides only need a vase on the top to complete the look. Instead of a full carpeted living room, a small rug forming the centerpiece where the chest is placed is all you need. It creates a remarkable modern look and quite inexpensive to try out.

Antique Kitchen Table

You can also give your kitchen a unique outstanding look with rustic kitchen tables. It can replace the island in the middle or just sit at a corner where you place your microwave, cooking pots or cooking herbs can be accessed. Alternatively, the antique kitchen table can double up as an eating area. Just add enough sits around it and enjoy a hearty meal with your family.

With these three tips, you can pull off a classic antique look in your bathroom & bedroom, kitchen or living anytime you want. You can also search the internet and magazines for more ways to fuse up rustic ideas with your modern d├ęcor.