There’s no need to be ashamed – we all make mistakes, even the rookie mistakes that are easily spotted. To be honest, even the professional designers are guilty of making them now and again. Most importantly, you have to fix a mistake as soon as you see it.

Today, we’re taking a look at beginner mistakes that appear due to lack of experience. Luckily, they are very easy to fix and you can do it right away with most of them. Check your home for these 9 rookie mistakes.


How much is too much? If your home decor uses every inch of the room space and it looks like it might be suffocating, you’re probably overdecorating. A good interior makes use of pauses that direct the eye in a natural way without being overwhelming. So if your home feels a little cluttered, go ahead and remove some of the decor pieces, wall hanging, accessories and store them away. You can bring them out and rotate items on display regularly.

Floating Rug

Use a tiny rug and you make your room look much smaller than it is. Using a small rug in a small room is the biggest mistake to make, even though you might think otherwise. The rug should be big enough to touch all the furniture (or at least the biggest) in the seating area. So you have two choices – either get a bigger rug or push the furniture closer together.

Clutter of Photos



We all have a lot of memories to share, pictures of people close to us that we want to see every day. But keeping that many pictures in a cluster on a surface quickly becomes a clutter and that’s just no good. Instead, consider creating a grid gallery on the wall and moderate the surface displays.

Visible Cable Mess

Cables of the TV and electronics can add up to a mess very quickly and you should do your best to organize and hide that mess. Read about how to hide the cords and cables in your home.

Too Many Patterns

Your style may be eclectic and you may adore busy patterns but keep in mind that too many patterns that compete with each other make visually stressed decor that looks cluttered. Mastering pattern matching isn’t easy and we’re not saying you shouldn’t experiment to learn it, but begin with fewer patterns and soft hues.

Hanging Pictures and Mirrors Too High


If you have to look up to see a picture or a mirror, it’s probably too high. Pictures and mirrors should be hung at the center of the wall at about the eye level of an average person. If you hang them too high, they look out of place and destroy the integrity of your interior design. So find the center of the wall when hanging your pictures and mirrors.

Hanging Curtains Too Low

This mistake is more common than it should be. For some reason people hang curtains just above the window and it is just wrong. Remember, curtains decorate the wall, not the window. So you have to hang them just below the ceiling, or if your ceiling is too high, at least a foot above the window. Correctly hung drapes make the ceiling look higher and the space bigger, while hanging them too low makes them stick out in an uncomfortable way.

Pushing Furniture Against the Walls

Sometimes it seems that some people are building a dance floor, not a comfortably and tastefully designed room. Don’t push all of your furniture to the walls and leave the center space empty. Your home is not a warehouse and unless you really need that room for a dance floor, simply don’t do it. Move furniture around, find a balanced layout.

Fix the Lighting

We’ve talked a thousands times before but it’s worth saying again, layered lighting can make or break the room decor. Get several lamps, install recessed light dimmers, add new fixtures, and find the lighting that is pleasing to you personally.

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