The things that surround as have a great deal in making us feel a certain way. Some things make us happy, others not so much. When it comes to decorating your home, you absolutely have to ensure that it makes you happier. After all, coming home from work after a stressful day, all you want is to relax in own your happy place.

So here are some easy home decor tweaks that will make you happier even if just a little bit.

Let More Natural Light In

Natural light is crucial to feeling happy, so retire the drapes and let more light into your home to make it a happier place. Sheers come in color too and you can dress up the windows while obstructing as little light as possible.

Mix Old and New

Breaking out of a uniform style is a trait of home decor with character and personality. You’ll feel much happier living in a place that was collected over time with each piece having a story to tell, rather than a cookie cutter magazine decor. So get a piece of vintage furniture, or go the other way and get something very modern to mix things up.

Use Pleasant Scents

Happiness comes not only from being surrounded by visually pleasing things, there are other senses too. Go beyond the eye and engage the sense of smell to the decor by adding scented candles and scent diffusers.

Keep the Clutter Away

A cluttered home is an unhappy home. Organize your stuff so that you don’t have random items lying around your house. Read about how to organize small things and other ideas for storage.

Create a Nook

You don’t even have to commit to build a window sill nook or a built-in reading nook. Even if you just push a couch or a bed to the wall and throw some pillows on for seating, a cozy little corner to crawl up into with a good book can be a big mood booster.

Use Happy and Motivational Art

This one’s pretty obvious but it must be mentioned. Some things motivate you and make you happy, so make sure you see those things every day in your home. It can be family photos, uplifting pictures, motivational quotes, cheerful posters – whatever they are, make use of them.

Collect Books

Reading a good book is known to relieve stress, boost the mood and overall happiness. So even if you’re not an avid reader, collect books and make them part of your decor vignettes, at the very least have them available to flip through as a pleasant distraction.

Create a Photo Wall

Photos have a great effect on our happiness – they’re the memories that make us feel a certain way. Having a wall of your most important life’s moments in photos will make you feel happier every time you see it.

Control Your Mood with Color Theory

The color theory says that certain colors cause different emotions and by being surrounded by them day in and day out at home your happiness is affected too. It doesn’t mean you need to commit to repaint your walls, but you can add colors in accents. For example, using yellow will boost your mood and energize, while shades of blue will calm you down.

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