The most precious home decor you can create is that which is dear to you. It’s not about filling the space with the most expensive furniture and decor pieces that money can buy, it’s about adding pieces that have sentimental value to you. And maybe your home won’t make the front page of Pinterest (or maybe it will) but it’s the look that fills you up with positive emotions is all that matters.

Today we want to share with you 7 ideas how to create this home experience by decorating with what you hold dearest to your heart – your memories.

Decorate with Toys

Decorate with Toys

Toys don’t get enough attention in home decor and that’s a pity. Cute and lovable toys can make great accents, especially if they’re vintage. And if they come from your childhood, their value is priceless.

Make Family Photos Count

Of course, you already have family photos on display somewhere in your home, but take it a step further and create wall art dedicated to your family and photos of your most important memories.

Decorate the Bathroom with Seashells


At first, it may sound like a cliche – we’ve seen seashells being used to decorate bathrooms far too many times. But if those seashells come from your travels, they have sentimental value that beats all cliches.

Keep Memory Jars

When it comes to traveling, try to get in a habit to make memory jars to be filled with memorabilia after each journey you take. They will make great display items and bring back the memories every time you see them.

Frame Your Kids’ Drawings

Kids grow up so fast, take the time to frame their drawings and capture those moments that will soon be left only in memories.

Use Heirlooms



Whatever it is, a piece of furniture or a rare piece of art, don’t stash it away, keep it on display if not for the looks, then for it’s priceless sentimental value.

Frame the Key to Your First Home

Your first home will always have a special place in your heart, so frame it for a piece of art. You can also do the same with your childhood home key.

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Decorate with Memories