Decorating your home can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you have your eye on some interior design blogger and their picture perfect home. You may not get anywhere near that perfect decor and it begins bothering you so much so that you think you simply have no talent for it.

But comparing yourself to someone who is way ahead of you down the decorating path is very unproductive and even harmful to your creativity. Instead, you should focus on what you can do to your home decor now and improve over time. Here are 7 ideas to help you.

Start Small

To begin decorating, choose a small area of your home, like a nook or dining area, even a small bedroom. That way you will immediately see the result, it will be easier to experiment to find what works and get rewarded for your efforts quicker. Move on to bigger spaces when you feel comfortable.

Choose Your Inspiration

Choose a few rooms that you really like and compare them to find the similarities between them Рwhat makes you really like them? Take those things only and bring them to your decor, rather than trying to replicate every detail.

Embrace the Rule of Thirds

You may know that things look most visually appealing¬†when they come in threes. The reason behind that is actually the rule of thirds (or the golden ratio) that’s the staple of design. To put it simply, divide a space in thirds and use one third as the focal point. So besides creating vignettes of three objects (or groups of objects) you have to make sure they aren’t all alike and make one piece the accent.

You can use this rule in any aspect of home decor, from painting the walls, to furniture arrangement, hanging wall art, and arranging accessories.

Choose the Focal Point

Choosing a single point of focus that attracts attention without having to fight with other accents is the number one key of great decor. So choose wisely and make sure it stands out. It can be a mirror, a piece of furniture, or even a single accent pillow.

Get to Know the Rules

Rules are important because they can guide you through the science behind home decor. Things like measurements, layout and positioning of furniture and decor pieces, the choice of color and so on. So getting to know them is really useful if you want to avoid the worst of mistakes. You can cut a few corners if you use decorating cheat sheets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment and Take Risks



Creativity isn’t born out of playing it safe, you have to take decor risks. For example, experiment with neon colors or mixing patterns, you won’t find out what works until you try it (check out 20 more decor risks you can take).

Choose Solid Timeless Furniture


Always choose functional and comfortable over trendy and stylish. Something that looks chic today, might look tacky in a year and you’ll have to throw it away. On the other hand, comfortable furniture will be hard to get rid of even if you need to, because you fall in love with it. (Read more timeless decor tips.)

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