If you are looking for home decoration ideas, maybe this will help you. These tips can make a difference in the way your home looks.

1. Choose a paint color after you know what is going to go into the room. You want to choose a color that will complement your floor, artwork, and furniture.

2. Don’t overcrowd your room. Give the room space so that you can move around the room easily. Buy quality looking pieces of furniture for your room and then arrange them in a way where your room looks spacious.

3. Put artwork up at the right height. You should hang the art pieces so that the center of the piece is 60 inches from the floor.

4. Try not to have too much of a theme going on in your room. It can lack individuality. It is alright to do somewhat of a theme though if it looks good for that room.

5. Go through your collectibles. If a collectible doesn’t fit, don’t put it on display. For example, if the unifying theme black, don’t put something out that would clash with the black.

6. Add different layers of lighting. Professionals have layers of lighting to create variety and interest. If a room is lit evenly, nothing will stand out. Decide on a focal point and highlight it. You can also select a secondary focal point and highlight it also. Have lighting on the ceiling and also lower lighting such as lamps.

7. Be bold in the room choices that you make. Try different things to see what works for you. Some things that you can do to give your room that wow factor is putting a chandelier in your living room or buy library style bookshelves for your books. These things will give you that second look from others.