Are you in search of some amazing ways to spruce up your home? Then you might consider adding some unique home decor to every room of the house, or just in a few key spots to make it more subtle.

This can include upcycled items, alternative ways in which to display your art and photographs, and functional art items. Do your research with care and head out to the shops to pick up what you need to transform your house into a truly interesting space.

Gorgeous Lighting Fixtures

There is so much you can do to change up the appearance of your space, just using the lighting fixtures. One of the more attractive picks is fixtures that are in various geometric shapes. Pendant lights go well over kitchen islands and the dining table. Uniquely shaped table lamps also are a popular choice among more adventurous homeowners.

Functional Art Works

You can turn your treasured items into art. Functional art is known as those items that have aesthetic appeal, that you also can use for a purpose (or serve a purpose ordinarily before being turned into art). This can include furniture, decorative mirrors, and even your books if you choose to display especially attractive tomes that are of historical importance.

Coffee Table Ingenuity

If you have a coffee table you want to use more as a hub for guests to gather around or at least provide a source of interest while your guests are waiting for you to get coffee and snacks, there is a great deal you can do here. This includes charming and fun books, fancy serving trays with candies or mints, as well as candles and vases or potted plants. Make it as cozy as you possibly can.

Upcycling Items

You can take your beloved items that are in decent shape and re-purpose them. One great example is to turn bits of fabric, crafting supplies you no longer need, and figurines or knick-knacks into wreaths for your front door or to hang over your fireplace or in an entryway. Make it a themed one for the current season or a holiday, or just something that will serve as a beautiful way to welcome in loved ones.

Show Off Your Pictures

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Do you have photographs that are sitting in a drawer, collecting dust? Or maybe they are not being shown off in the manner you would like? Give them a makeover with a stylish multi-photo frame in colors that complement or stand out just right with the colors used in that room.

Another way to use your wall space creatively is to display your art in strategic placement to serve as a conversation starter. That painting that’s been passed down in your family can be given a revamp with a swanky frame that brings out the best of it. Place a sculpture or other type of 3D art on an elegant end table to make it look like something from a museum.