Shifting over to a new apartment and arranging your belongings properly can be a tedious job, and messy too, if not executed properly. These home decoration tips will make the task easier. Measure the dimensions of your furniture and note down this information on a piece of paper. This will help you to arrange them properly without spoiling the decor of your room.

Soaking in the early morning sunlight

If your bedroom has a window facing eastwards and there are no restrictions outside, allowing sunlight to flow in, set your bed in that location. The early morning sunlight contains vitamin D, essential for absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth.

Use color combinations that enhance your mood

Make sure that you select the proper color combinations for the different rooms of your apartment. Soft pastel colors help reflect light and provide sufficient luminosity without using too many lamps. Your bedroom is your private place where you relax after a hard day’s work. Since color has the capability to change your mood, select hues that provide you with a feeling of calmness while painting it. You should also purchase drapes that compliment the room’s colors.

Use LEDs instead of CFLs

Check the light points provided by the builder of the apartment. If their locations do not suit you, change them. Make sure that you arrange these settings in such a way that the furniture does not block the flow of light. Instead of installing CFLs (compact florescent lamps) opt for LEDs (light emitting diodes). The latter ones are costly but consume far less wattage while providing the same amount of luminosity as the former does.

Polished tiles and granite for the kitchen

Give extra time when decorating the kitchen. It the same has a window, try to place the sink next to it. Ensure that you use polished tiles on its walls and granite for the kitchen top. This will allow you to clean spillovers effortlessly.