The ideal unique home decor ideas ensure that the room space is comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, they capture the imagination of guests by standing out from the rest. This objective can be achieved without spending large amounts of money on a budget. The task can even be handled as a DIY project.

We’re all looking after the most unique decor ideas to make a house a home. They can be anything from small accents to an entire theme. In any case they have to be doable and not just material for interior design magazines. So here is our collection of 30 unique home decor ideas that you can choose from!

Herringbone Accent Wall

This decor project demonstrates how easy it is to jazz up plain walls with a little imagination. It introduces the Herringbone patterns, which add character to the room.

Creative DIY Headboard with Storage

Build a unique rustic DIY headboard. The design concept used to redecorate a little boy’s bedroom in the project is a real masterpiece. It is easy to handle as a DIY undertaking yet the finishing is impressive.

Vintage Wine Rack

This handmade wine rack showcases an exquisite selection of wines in a stylish way while maintaining simplicity. It is made of wood, which contrasts nicely with the background. The inscription, ‘wine not’ adds to its appeal.

Crafty Built-in Bookshelf

This project creates a visual spectacle that provides a good platform to showcase a collection of ornaments, books and more. It can function as a mini library or display shelf.

Beautiful Built-in Bathroom Shelving

Incorporate an awesome bathroom design by installing wooden shelves that complement the existing décor.

Rustic Kitchen Decor Accent Wall

Creating a heavenly look in the kitchen just got easier. The project incorporates wood, chandeliers, white walls and stylish cabinetry to create an eye-catching, sleek appearance.

Geometric Cabinet Under the Stairs

This project creates storage space below the stairway without compromising on aesthetics.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Create a rustic shelf that contrasts nicely with white walls. It can hold a variety of decorative elements.

Horizon Lights

Add an artistic touch to the lighting by choosing fixtures with inspirational images.

Rustic Hanger

This project is a perfect choice for anyone looking to introduce a hanger that fits with a minimalist theme. It has never been easier to replace shiny new screws with some old rusty lag bolts.

Pallet Kitchen Cabinets

Using pallet wood to revamp your kitchen counters and cabinets create a great rustic vibe. Consider combining it with industrial elements as well, for this great look.

Shower Tiles

This amazing décor boasts a mix of traditional and modern design elements, including a geometric pattern tiles, bronze details and gray walls. The inscription on the wall captures the mood.

Stunning Skylight

This project is based on a minimalist theme that creates an exquisite look. The well-designed skylight is undoubtedly the room’s focal point.

Dazzling Living Room Decor

Adding a splash of color does wonders to any room. This project transforms the room using bold colors that contrast beautifully. The color scheme creates an impactful appearance that stands out.

Cute Farmhouse Door and Chalkboard Decor

The combination of a farmhouse door and chalkboard wall elements provides an inspirational backdrop for any room. The farm door can work in different rooms, including the laundry room or the kitchen.

Creative Bathroom Mirror

A modern bathroom design that combines artistic elements, beautiful tiles and elegant lighting to create a stunning décor. The artistic mirror with a full-size wooden frame is the focal point in the room.

Cozy Bathroom

This home decor project allows you to create a cozy bathroom that looks contemporary and stylish. It features a towel rack made of wood that also holds the lamp.

Dreamscape Bathroom Wallpaper

Create an enchanting bathroom space by simply adding dreamscape wallpaper. The design manages to infuse character to the room and complements the chandelier and other decorative elements beautifully.

Stunning DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Add a personal touch to the bathroom by introducing classic mirrors with rustic frames. The project also incorporates multiple picture frames to create an amazing appearance.

Charming Bathroom Design

This project brings texture and character to the bathroom by introducing wood vanity elements, which contrast beautifully with the white walls. The golden faucets, pipes and other fixtures complement the wood.

Farmhouse Scale Centerpiece

This farmhouse scale is so refreshing on multiple levels. It allows homeowners to add different types of decorative elements, including flowers, candles or some green to the room.

Nesting Reclaimed Wood Tables

These nesting tables are loaded with personality and they help enhance the appearance of any living room. They add a welcome touch of elegance and simplicity.

Spooky Kitchen Design

Go classic with this gothic kitchen design that is sure to have your friends talking. Some of the kitchen elements are drawn from the World War II era.

Opulent Kitchen DIY Design

Making the most of the available space to create a stunning kitchen décor just got easier. This project involves the creation of a refreshing look that combines exquisite floral elements and glass chandeliers.

Unique Copper Pipe Chandelier

Create an outstanding work of art that transforms any room. This piece is guaranteed to captivate your visitors. It comes as no surprise that the design claimed top honors at the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

Repurposed Picture Frames

This DIY project enhances the appearance by adding a classic picture frame look. It involves the use of an old wooden window frame as a stylish backdrop for mantel décor or a rustic-style wreath.

DIY Coffee Bar

Enhancing the kitchen area takes a couple of planks, some paint, decorative glass bottles and mugs. The design can compete with any top coffee bar design without breaking the bank.

Rustic Bedroom Headboard

Placing an inspirational headboard in a bedroom is one way to brighten up the mood. The project uses wood to create a masterpiece that comes with a star detail that hovers above the headboard.

Floral Picture Frame

Brightening up any room has never been easier thanks to this floral picture frame. It brings elegance to the plain walls.

Moon Wall Art

A combination of well-chosen artwork and a brick wall background provide an inspirational touch that can transform any room.