Decorating with indoor vine plants is increasingly popular as an option to freshen up interiors and we love this trend. It’s a great way to make your home decor interesting for many reasons. Firstly, live plants add a very positive note to a space and there are so many creative things you can do with vines.

There are 23 things, in fact, at least for the matter of this article. From simple but meaningful decoration of shelves and walls to brilliant indoor trellis that make your home come alive. Check out these ideas and consider adding indoor vines to your home decor as well.

Decorate Shelves

A simple way to decorate a shelf with vine is to let is sit and grow down freely. It especially adds substance and interest to open shelves.

Interesting Indoor Trellis Structure

An interesting structure for an indoors trellis like this lets a climbing vine decorate your wall as good as any decor piece.

Hanging Vine Planters

Find creative ways how to decorate your home with indoor vines

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Simpy hanging planters from the wall or ceiling is a quick way to add a vine plant in just about any corner of your home. And what a great option it is.

Picture Frame Planters

Love the idea for picture frame indoor vine planters

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This is one of the most creative ways to decorate your home with vines. A picture frame that incorporates a planter is a whimsical and an interesting way to add plants to your wall decor.

Simple Rustic DIY Indoor Trellis

We absolutely love this quick and easy trellis for the kitchen wall. It’s made by simply tying branches together in free form and it makes the perfect structure with a lot of decor interest in rustic style.

Suspended Vine Planters

Create nice wall decoration patterns with suspended indoor vine wall planters

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Positioning suspended wall planter shelves gives you a way to create creative wall decor compositions with vine.

Hanging Corner Vine Planter

Hanging a vine plant in a corner of a room softens the edges and removes the boxed out effect. Climber vines can also further add to wall decor.

Rustic Planter Beam

Love this rustic idea to decorate with indoor vine

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A rustic beam provides a place for indoor vine to grow and it makes an excellent decor accent. It works really well in minimalist decor.

DIY Indoor Trellis

Indoor trellis can come very simple. Here’s a DIY option that you can easily make for wall decor.

Shower Vine

Having enough natural light in the bathroom gives you an option to grow plants. Indoor vines look really great in this space.

Outdoor Planter Inside

If you’re looking for a shabby chic accent for your home decor, try bringing an outdoor vase inside. It’s unexpected but very appealing.

Vine Curtain

This idea is simply brilliant. Grow indoor vine in the window to create a live curtain.

Full Wall Vines

Vine can easily decorate an entire wall in its natural pattern. It gives the decor an instant boho vibe.

Window Vine

Growing plants that need lots of sunlight close to the window is necessary, but you can take it further with vines by letting them embrace the window frame itself.

Bookshelf Vine

A simple bookshelf placed in this position is boring but adding vine to it changes the look completely. It’s a great example how plants can transform home decor.

Door Curtain Vine

Love the idea to create a door curtain from vine


If you need to separate space with door curtains, try a live vine plant. It’s a committing project but it may be just what your home decor needs.

Wall Mounted Pods

Lovely wall mounted vine planter


A simple wall mounted planter with a delicate string of pearls vine is a things of classy beauty.

Shower Curtain Rod Trellis

Love the idea to use the shower curtain rod as a trellis for indoor vine

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Natural light in the bathroom gives you another option to use the shower curtain as an indoor trellis. Simply brilliant.

Bedroom Vine Trellis

Love the idea for a DIY trellis to decorate the bedroom


Create an accent headboard with a vine trellis in your bedroom. This simple idea can completely transform your room with minimal effort.

Let It Grow on the Wall

Letting vine grow freely on the wall is perhaps one of the easiest ways to decorate an empty wall without having to resort to boring wall pictures.

More Indoor Vine Trellis Structures

Love this indoor trellis structure for vine plants

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Here’s another indoor trellis structure for wall decor. Install it and let the plant do the rest.

Bathroom Vines

Bathroom decor comes alive with the help of vine plants.

Indoor Vines in Industrial Style

Indoor vines look particularly interesting in industrial style decor with some modern elements.