At some point, we have to take risks when decorating our homes, whether it’s to try something new or experiment with decor ideas. Not all of these risks end up working but those that do can create some of the most unique interior designs.

If you’re a risk taker, here are 20 ideas that you can try to spice up your home decor.

Mismatched Chairs

Yes, a set of matching chairs looks orderly in their uniformity but mixing things up can add variety that pushes the look off just enough to make it interesting.

Unexpected Art

Be confident in things that you like and don’t be afraid to show off. Like this combination of a map and twinkle lights.

Add a Wall Mural

A mural is very visual but that may be just what you need in your room. We have a great gallery of wall murals that just look stunning.

Create a Striking Accent Wall

Accent walls are popular but don’t settle with just an accent color, create a pattern that modifies the shape of the room.

Decorate the Fridge


Fridge decals are easy to add and they will really freshen up your kitchen. Try applying interesting and whimsical embellishments.

Use Fancy Fixtures

Fixtures are rather easy to change even if you’re not up for a complete makeover and having unique fancy lighting fixtures or faucets will have a huge impact.

Install a Sliding Door

Upcycled barn doors are trendy but I think we can step up the game. A sliding door provides a unique opportunity to add a mirror and expand the visual space.

Use Many Patterns



The general rule is to be careful with patterns and use them sparingly, matching many vibrant patterns takes an expert to pull off. But it’s a risk that we’re willing to take.

Go Dark

Dark colors create a sophisticated, mysterious and even dramatic look, so don’t be afraid to play with dark tones.

Paint Vintage Furniture

If you’ve picked up a piece of vintage furniture in a flea market or perhaps inherited one, it may be difficult to fit it in your home decor. And while painting is not the way of antiquing, doing so allows you to “force” it in.

Paint the Ceiling

The ceiling is usually left white to make it seem higher and leave the space open but painting it in a color or even a pattern can have a dramatic effect that lifts chins up.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

Yes, you can actually put wallpaper on the ceiling and while it’s not for everyone, it can have an amazing effect if things go right.

Use Non-traditional Furniture



This is a risk really worth taking if you’re on a tight budget. Look at this wonderful accent of stacked vintage suitcases and an old picture frame being used as a nightstand.

Add Hanging Plants



There are two main reasons why you’d want to hang plants from the ceiling. For one, you can soften the corners of your room and add depth. Secondly, hanging them over furniture will give its placement a purpose.

Add Unexpected Color in Unexpected Places



And while you don’t have to use such eclectic colors as this kitchen, painting a cabinet in a neon color for an accent can be an impactful surprise.

Use Quirky Decor

Nobody likes boring interior design, so add quirky and whimsical elements around the house. I love this idea of a cup and plate as a light fixture.

Bring the Outside In

Nature makes the room look lively and it’s not only for a rustic look. If you like this tree bookshelf idea, we have more of them.

Paint the Door Trim an Accent Color

You don’t have to play safe with door color, paint the trim or the doorway frame in a popping color.

Lay a Colorful Rug



We’ve had accent walls and ceiling, now it’s time for the floor. A popping rug is actually quite a safe risk to take because it’s easily replaced, so you can’t afford not to try it.

Toys as Decorative Accessories

Don’t just sell or give away old toys that your kids aren’t playing with anymore (or your own toys form the childhood). Toys, especially vintage, can make great decorative accessories for a playful look.

Add a Lot of Prints


Having a full wall of print art is not an easy arrangement to pull off but try it to fill in empty spaces.

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