If you’re not having fun with decorating your home, you’re not doing it right. You should have to enjoy everything you do for your home and if there’s something you don’t like, you probably shouldn’t do it. Think about home decor as an adventure that you take on and it never really ends.

So today we’d like to invite you on that kind of adventure with 20 crazy ideas that you’ll enjoy doing. Even if some of them aren’t exactly what an interior designer would do.

Decorate Walls with Ceiling Medallions

Wall decor medallions

Source: www.hgtv.com

Ceiling medallions aren’t just for embellishing the ceiling, they make great DIY wall art especially if painted in accent colors or soft hues. Whichever way you go, you can pick up some pretty stuff and use to fill up those walls.

Spray Gold

Overuse of gold spray paint may seem a tad crazy but that’s exactly what we want.

Decorate with Dry Branches

Bring some nature back to your home with dry branches.

Suspend Plants from the Ceiling

Greenery brings life home and you don’t have to limit yourself to tabletop pods and vases. Suspended from the ceiling pods may look a bit crazy but this setup allows you to have plants in places otherwise inaccessible.

Crazy Bookshelves

They come in lots of shapes, forms and arrangements. While you don’t have to go as elaborate as this particular design, some irregular form will mix things up.

Paint the Stairs

Source: www.brit.co

Source: www.brit.co

Those steps provide enough unused estate to paint, color, wallpaper or even graffiti.

Surprising Crafts

Add shocking elements with handcrafted furniture and decorations.

Bring Back the Bicycle

It’s not the first time this bicycle makes an appearance in my articles, and it’s just so crazy that it works.

Home Museum

Do you have a collection to show? Don’t be afraid to turn your room into a mini museum.

Be Proud of Your Mug Collection

If you’re anything like me, you have a big mug collection too. Don’t hide it in a cupboard, create a mug display wall. Also check out our other DIY mug rack ideas.

Dizzying Wallpaper

You might get vertigo seeing this wallpaper pattern but it will sure leave an impression.

Suspended Ceiling Chair

I’ve always found those things a bit crazy but perhaps that’s what your interior design needs.

Door Signs


How about putting a sign over each door in your house to tell which room is which? Your guests will never get lost.

Stained Glass Door

Enjoy the light show every sunny afternoon.

Broken Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops come in many materials, and if you get one made of, say, amethyst, you can show it off with a broken corner.

Tile Mosaic

Source: blog.mozaico.net

Source: blog.mozaico.net

This idea works well in the kitchen or the bathroom, or wherever you lay tiles. Instead of a single tile patter, use a variety of different tiles to create a wonderfully crazy mosaic.

Break the Rules

Experiment, break the rules, don’t be afraid to really go crazy, that’s how real art is born.

Door Stickers and Murals


Source: etsy.com

The door doesn’t have to be empty, it’s a canvas waiting to be used for something great.

Living Walls

Source: www.bhg.com

Source: www.bhg.com

That’s right, you can get living plants on your walls.

Pick a Theme

Pick an interesting theme and stick to it, like this bohemian jungle bedroom decor.

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