Yes, you could easily decorate your home and create fantastic interior design if you had no limit on spending. But in real life, you probably have a budget set for your home decor and you have to work within these limits. That’s when it gets interesting.

Having a limited budget doesn’t mean your home decor has to be less attractive, less elegant. It just means you have to give much more thought to planning and trying to be as creative as possible. Here are 15 ideas for decorating on a budget that aren’t just about cutting corners.

Plan Your Budget and Stick to It

First of all, none of this can happen if you don’t plan your budget properly. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down what furniture, decor pieces, accessories and materials you need and how much you can spend on each item. Prioritize the list and decide which items you can spend more money on, and which you can do without if necessary.

Keep the Big Furniture Simple

Keep the big furniture, like sofas, beds, dining tables simple but sturdy, don’t buy anything fancy and expensive. Simple and neutral but classic and timeless furniture will fit any style and serve you for years. And you’ll be able to add decor interest and accents with smaller furniture and affordable accessories.

Embellish Affordable Furniture



Affordable furniture like that from IKEA is fine in function but it’s cookie cutter and nothing but boring. To make it interesting, you’ll have to get crafty. Paint it, replace pulls and knobs, add crown molding and other embellishments. That way you’re not only adding decor interest, you’re making it unique and personal too.

Get One Fancy Lighting Fixture

Get a lighting fixture or a chandelier that looks interesting. It makes a big accent and draws attention while making it seem well thought out and expensive.

Add an Awesome Rug

Find a rug that looks great to anchor the room decor and add elegance. Make sure it’s the right size too.

Embrace the Moldings

Moldings are the sign of luxury for a reason, they add depth and dimension to the room and make it look finished. They aren’t expensive to add too, and you can even do it yourself.

Upgrade Your Textiles


Throw pillow casings and covers are go-to accents in the living room and bedroom, by upgrading them you’re increasing the perceived value of your home. Choose elegant materials like linen, cotton or even silk and avoid cheap looking polyester. Get bigger plushier throw pillows for the living room sofa to amp up the elegant appearance.

Style Your Windows

Getting the window treatments right is a big aspect of an elegant home, so much so that it can make or break the appearance you want to create. You don’t have to use expensive drapery, you can quite easily style the curtains and shades to make it look elegant. If you’re going to use drapes, avoid the cheap looking polyester fabric.

Match the Hardware Finishes

Elegant and matching finishes of cabinet pull handles, faucets and lighting fixtures in the kitchen and the bathroom give a luxe appearance. Change them to match or use spray paint to match the color at the very least.

Create Great Ambient Lighting

Room lighting can make everything look different, even a small cookie cutter room decor can look elegant in the right lighting. Begin by adding shades to recess lighting, add more fixtures if necessary and experiment with table lamps to create lighting below eye level. It’s a process that requires some effort but it’s all worth it in the end.

Expose Hardwood Floor

Wall to wall carpeting and big rugs make the room look soft but the hardwood or even laminate floor looks classic and elegant. That’s the look we’re going for so leave the floor bare and go easy with rugs.

Keep the Colors Neutral

Neutral hues are classic and is the staple of elegant luxurious decor. You won’t go wrong if you keep the colors neutral and accessorize for accents.

Fake the Built-in Look



Built-in cabinets break the elegant forms of moldings and classic wall design. If you like big shelving space, use big floor to ceiling cabinets and secure them with crown molding.

Embellish the Ceiling

Ceiling embellishments are accents to luxurious decor. So make the ceiling stand out for an expensive look by embellishing the area around light fixtures with a ceiling medallion or vinyl decals.

Create Contrast

Contrasting colors and patterns spark interest and increase the visual appeal, so kick it up a notch for more elegant appearance.

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