What makes home decor timeless? Some homes look like they were decorated yesterday and they’ve been like that for decades. Others quickly get worn down and look out of style. If we consider the differences between the two we can quickly see what decor decisions are what we can call timeless.

On the same note, timeless decor means that you never grow out of it on a personal level. Home decor that evolves with your own design taste over time. There are several tips and ideas you can employ to make sure that the interior design of your home will stand the test of time, and here are 12 of them.

Choose Neutral Colors

Color trends come and go every year and every season. You’d have to commit to re-painting your entire home every time to stay relevant. But if you choose neutral whites, shades of grey, beige hues, they will provide a backdrop that will stay in style forever.

Stay Minimal

Minimal uncluttered decor will always stand the test of time better than a busy decor. Choose quality over quantity if you want to keep it timeless.

Add Color Accents with Accessories

Of course, neutral only colors are boring and have no character. You need pops of color and accents, but instead of committing to wall painting or big accent furniture, choose small accessories like throw pillows, or even smaller furniture like stools or ottomans that are easy to switch.

Think Through Every Detail

Choosing every detail that you add to your home not only will save you money but make you like your home better for a long time. Give it a good thought and don’t buy things on a whim.

Functional and Comfortable is Timeless


Always choose functional and comfortable over trendy and stylish. Something that looks chic today, might look tacky in a year and you’ll have to throw it away. On the other hand, comfortable furniture will be hard to get rid of even if you need to, because you fall in love with it.

Blend Old and New

As time goes buy you will add many decor pieces of different styles from different epochs. You can even emphasize it with antique items. Such a blend gives your home a well collected look.

Display the Best of the Best

Source: domino.com

Source: domino.com

You may have a lot of collectibles and accessories that you’d like to show, but don’t just put everything on display. Keep the best of the best only and you can rotate things to keep it fresh.

Choose Functional Window Treatments

Lighting is very important in home decor and natural lighting is irreplaceable. Choose window dressing with functionality in mind to let as much light in as possible.

Consider Classic Features

Classic is timeless so consider such features as crown molding and ceiling medallions for an accent that will stand the test of time.

Smart Storage

Smart storage never goes out of style and keeps your home clutter free. This cabinet design provides ample storage space with extra slide out compartments and it will be just as good for years to come as it is now.

Choose Small Trendy Pieces If You Have To

Just because you want a timeless decor doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in trends. However, do try to get smaller pieces only that you can easily swap out when you get bored of them.

Keep What You Love

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you surround yourself with things that you personally love. It doesn’t matter what style, trend or whether it’s timeless in general sense as long as you love it and you want to keep it forever.