We all want to make our homes look nicer and sometimes we’re ready to spend a lot of money on it. However, we believe in smart spending and there are more important things where money can be used, such as repairs or renovation. For most of us, the finer side of home decor can and should be done wisely.

So save that money for your next renovation project or emergency repairs and make your home look nicer in these 12 smart and cheap ways.

Create a Coffee and Tea Station

Dedicate a corner on your kitchen counter for a coffee and tea station. An organized space gives a sophisticated vibe let alone it’s very convenient. If you don’t have enough counter space, consider a roller cart.

Decorate with Fruit

Decorating with fruit is an often overlook decor option that makes a great centerpiece on any tabletop. Likely you already have fruit at home, so get a pretty bowl and make it work for you.

Magnetic Strip

You’ll always find some empty wall space where you can use a magnetic strip. It can be used in the kitchen to store small utensils like knives, in the bathroom for small accessories, and even in the living room to hang pretty postcards and notes.

Faux Material Counter Top

Faux granite or marble counter tops using contact paper are becoming more convincing and it’s a great way to save on the real deal. They’re especially useful if your counter top is worn down and could use some repair.

10 Minute Pillow Covers

Here’s how you can easily and affordably make your own pillow cases to replace the old ones, if you’re up for a 10 minute DIY project. Also check out our DIY pillow cover ideas.

Reuse Bottles as Vases

Spray paint bottles to use as vases for a striking accent, and you won’t have to buy them at all.

Embrace the Washi Tape

Decorating a wall using Washi tape is even cheaper than paint and you’re only limited by your own creativity. Use for fake picture frames, simple stripes or intricate art. The best part is that it’s easy to remove anytime so you have every possibility to experiment.

Decorate a Small Area First

Home decor in small spaces has the biggest impact so you can achieve remarkable results with limited resources. This example of a decorative wall mirror, a small table and the use of fresh flowers shows how you can make a lasting impression with minimal decor.

Try a Paint Trick

Not ready to commit to fully repainting the room? Try painting a smaller wall or a fragment in an accent color – it’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a statement.

Mix and Match Patterns, Not Color

As you know, mixing and matching patterns takes a lot of trial and error, but much less so if you use patterns in the same soft hue, and it makes a strong statement. A few patterns in the same space look expensive but really aren’t.

Cafe Curtains

Source: www.bhg.com

Source: www.bhg.com

Cover the lower part of the window with cafe curtains. You can use simple fabric in a variety of patterns of your choice for them.

Group to Create a Focal Point

Does your room lack a focal point? If you can’t invest in a high impact accent piece, group a few pictures and other accessories together for a bigger impact then they would have alone separately.

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